I’m thinking…

…about the Tao.

Grabbing and stuffing –
there is no end to it

Sharpen a blade too much
and its edge will soon be lost
Fill a house with gold and jade
and no one can protect it
Puff yourself with honor and pride
and no one can save you from a fall

Complete the task at hand
Be selfless in your actions
This is the way of Heaven
This is the way to Heaven

…Verse 9 from “Tao Te Ching”
Lao-Tzu, translated by Jonathan Star
ISBN: 978-158542-618-8

Around the autumn/winter holidays, and then again in spring, we suddenly feel love, gratitude, peace in a way we don’t feel the rest of the year because we are so busy. So now we want to show others we love and appreciate them. We add to our busy schedules and run around buying things that our loved ones don’t need (or maybe even want) and spending money we don’t have (running up charge accounts).

I too followed that “game plan” for many years. Then a few years ago I decided to show my loved ones my gratitude by giving a needed gift to someone we don’t know.

Instead of exchanging gifts.

Some of the things I’m aware of:

Purchase an animal from Heifer, International in honor of a loved one.

As a family, “adopt” a family from the community who is in need and fill that need with gifts of love.

As a family, volunteer at a soup kitchen.

As a family, give a gift of money to a medical or veterinary research organization.

As a family, select an abused/abandoned animal from a shelter and provide a year’s food and/or medical care. You don’t need to adopt the animal, but you can provide for them and visit them during the year…I myself support two goats at Popcorn Park Zoo, (Snowflake and Annie) and I try to visit them annually.

Invite a lonely person who has no family to participate in your holiday meal.

As a family, go to a local nursing home or hospital and sing carols for residents, or read a book to them or help them write a letter to a loved one they cannot see.

And try not to forget those that serve in our armed forces; keeping us safe and protecting our freedoms.

I’m sure there are many other things we can do that express the true meaning of selfless love and gratitude.

I encourage my readers to try something new this holiday season…as a family…together.

Love, peace and light to all today and every day….

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