Lynne Pflueger on SEL 23

Lynne Pflueger adds her experience of Safety Energy Lock 23 in issue Number 26, Autumn 1999:

“If Safety Energy Lock 23 is open, nothing will bother you.” ~ Mary Burmeister

As the controller of human destiny, 23 will help to develop tolerance. Browsing through a pile of old books, papers, and notes, I came across an anonymous quote regarding the quality of tolerance. I thought it worthy of sharing. It reads as follows:

The most lovable quality any human being can possess is tolerance…It is the vision that enables one to see things from another’s viewpoint…It is the generosity that concedes to others the right to their own opinions and their own peculiarities…It is the bigness that enables us to let people be happy in their own way instead of our way.

“Courage cannot be victimized by illusions of worldly spheres.” ~ Mary Burmeister

Twenty-three also cultivates courage. It takes courage to simply BE and to trust that God is my Doer and my Director. Life becomes so easy and simple with Jin Shin Jyutsu.

“This is courage…to bear unflinchingly what heaven sends.” ~ Euripides

A simple way to help 23 is to hold little finger. This also helps Fifth Depth which energizes Fourth Depth, 23’s home. Little finger also helps Safety Energy Lock 15 on the Second Depth. So, simply holding little finger to help 23 will include the lumbar circle. In Self-Help Book 3, Mary says, “SEE the fingers and toes in wholeness and not as separate parts – the non-secret secret.”

…full text is available at

Thank you, Lynne.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


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