Jed Schwartz on SEL 23

In the Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter Number 26, Autumn 1999, Jed Schwartz shares his experience of Safety Energy Lock 23:

FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real – is the acronym Mary often used to discuss fear.

Twenty-three, the only Safety Energy Lock born within 4th Depth, is affected by the 4th Depth attitude of disharmony FEAR. What is fear?

J. Krishnamurti, in one of his lectures on fear, describes the different levels of fear as being “of the mind, of thought… Thought projects a picture which awakens anxiety in the mind so thought creates its own fear.” This describes disharmony at the waistline which is the area where we digest thoughts, and dis-harmonies in thinking will create energetic constriction. Twenty-three, located at our waist, helps clear the waist as well as affect it. “Fear is a waste”, as Mary would say.

Krishnamurti relates that since “the mind itself is the product of fear”, it cannot resolve fear. But “one can just be aware of one’s fear without being occupied with it, without judging or trying to alter it, to be aware of fear without choice is just to look at it, to know there is fear and to see the truth of it, and seeing the truth of fear dissolves fear”. Clearing the waist, clearing the 23 can release us from fear. This has helped me understand when working with my own fears or being with others in fear by opening Safety Energy Lock 23 or holding the index or little finger, fear begins to dissolve not by a thought process or dialogue, but merely from letting go, awareness grows and fear dissolves. Twenty-three, the controller of our destiny, the maintenance of proper circulation cannot be all that IT IS when we are in fear. Safety Energy Lock 23 takes care of so many wonderful functions and responsibilities, which are listed in the three Self-Help Book.

Thank you, Jed.

Jed has a lot more to share, so we will read on about SEL 23 on my next post.

…full text is available at

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


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