Susan Brooks on SEL 22

Susan M. Brooks shares her experience of Safety Energy Lock 22 in issue Number 25, Summer 1999, The Main Central:

As the final Safety Energy Lock in the Third Depth, the source of balance for the body, 22 is the harmonizer for all 144,000 functions.

At the “railroad station” (22), these functions gather and then separate to perform their respective jobs.

In Native American healing tradition, the 22 area is considered to be the most sacred area of the body as it represents the amalgamation of the four elements. As a master number meaning adaptation, 22 allows us to be happy and content regardless of our circumstance. Simply crossing the hands and placing them on the 22’s assists in dissipating fears and phobias.

On a practical level, the 20/21/22 flow clears the mind so that we may begin anew. Mary used to routinely check everyone’s 22’s, since fullness in the area indicates immediate attention is needed in the vascular system.

By placing one hand on the fullness and the other on the opposite 23, the 22 area decompresses.

Wide 22’s, according to Mary, indicate a worrier. Additionally, 22’s help prevent stroke, blood pressure and respiratory projects. Giving a 5/6/7/8 flow followed by the 20/21/22 flow helps all thyroid/parathyroid needs.

Twenty-two moves us from the duality of the mental plane to the all knowingness of the intuitive realm. On its higher plane, 22’s uplift our feelings of indecision, purposelessness, and vacillation to a state of poise, rhythm, balance and equilibrium.

…full text is available at

Thank you, Susan.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


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