Philomena Dooley on SEL 22

Philomena Dooley has the following to share in issue Number 25, Summer 1999 of The Main Central about her experience of Safety Energy Lock 22:

In Self-Help Book 2, Mary tells us “22” came into the universe meaning complete.

All my miseries are results of: I am ignorant of myself.

22 is victory over our limitation. 22 is the last letter in the Hebrew alphabet, the finite into the infinite.

Safety Energy Lock 22 is harmonized by the index finger, erasing fear; it works very well with SEL 3. As one of the master numbers, 22 is very powerful. It is the harmonizer of all of the 144,000 functions that come together there to rest for a while. From there all are sent out on their journey to various parts of the body.

When 22’s are in harmony, there will be less need for chemical and intoxicant dependency.

Twenty-two is an amalgamation of the elements Fire, Air, Water and Earth. When all the elements are in harmony, all is well; we can have no labels.

Twenty-two is the crossroad of the respiratory function; Mary told us that when SELs 11 and 22 are clear, one cannot have any virus. “11” amplifies the power of “1”, which we know as the exhale, the unloading. “22” amplifies the power of “2”, the inhale, the receiving. The area just below the collarbone is supposed to be hollow, with no accumulations, down into the first rib. As such we can reduce the risk of vascular projects, blood pressure, stroke conditions, etc. Hold 22’s and exhale – we will clean all the elements and all the functions.

Speaking of SELs 11 and 22 – the master numbers – Mary told us in class that from 1 through 11 helps us on the physical level (i.e. material level or five senses level); 11 through 22 helps us become more aware on the mental level (duality); and from 22 upwards helps us on the spiritual level – to be more intuitive and less mental. By getting to know each Safety Energy Lock we grow on the spiritual level. All is simply in the Totality.

I came into this world on the 22nd day of the 3rd month many years ago. As a result, SEL 22 and SEL 3 are favorite numbers of mine, sitting right on top of the Lung. Aries is the harmonizer of Lung.

…complete text is available at

Thank you, Philomena.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


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