Susan Brooks on the Immune System

In issue Number 23 of The Main Central, Winter 1998/99, Susan M. Brooks, contributing Editor, shares her experience of the immune system in the “Editor’s Corner”:

As I sit here in Colorado on December 1 with yet another 70 degree day, I wonder what Mother Nature has to say about these extra warm late Fall days. She has her way of lulling us into complacency and then – surprise – snow and cold will be upon us. Meanwhile, as we bask in the sunshine, we can begin to focus on boosting our immune system to prepare for the winter season with Fourth Depth in charge.

In a recent issue of Alternatives health newsletter (Sept. ’98), among other things, I was drawn to a quote by Benjamin Franklin, “You will observe with concern how long a useful truth may be known and exist, before it is generally received and practiced upon.”

The quote reminds me of the knowledge held for at least hundreds of years in Oriental medicine of the importance of the immune system in health and healing.

Louis Pasteur’s theory of the 1800’s that germs were the cause of disease is becoming increasingly outdated as anecdotal cases and medical research supports the notion that health ‘projects’ are not due solely to exposure to microbes or disease. It is the healthy functioning of the immune system that is the “key” to health and harmony. This explains, for instance, why not everyone exposed to flu gets flu.

How can we strengthen our immune system with our 26 Keys? We know the 3’s, 13’s, 23’s and 15’s are the primary builders and sustainers. The Fatigue Flow, with its anchor on 3, is dynamic as well as helping the lymphatic system. If early symptoms of flu happen to set in, we have Special Body Function Energy No. 3 (5 and same side 16). If we become aware of a scratchy or sore throat, we have the Small Intestine Flow and the Special Body Function Energy No 2 helper (low 8 and same side 16 for opposite throat), which is effective for Strep as well.

Although not mentioned much in Jin Shin Jyutsu lore, sleep is another harmonizer for the immune system and, hence, the Fourth Depth. Although we as humans do not have our body chemistry wired for hibernating like many mammals do, maybe they convey a message we need to heed. When winter sets in, take it easy, rest, stay warm, find a cozy place to snuggle up, and emerge when we’re ready!

For most of us with the Holiday Season and work and family and life, this slowing down and resting option is not so practical. However, embracing simplicity and adopting the pace of Nature, as Emerson once said, can do nothing but harmonize our Fourth Depth and keep life F-U-N!

…full text is available at

Thank you, Susan.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


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