Eliza Doolittle

My dog, Eliza, developed a tumor-like growth on her foreleg. Her vet was not overly concerned but said he would remove it surgically on her scheduled dental cleaning date (to avoid using anesthesia twice). The tumor grew over the next weeks, but again the vet assured me it was nothing to worry about. Nonetheless I worried. So I began using the prescribed Jin Shin Jyutsu technique daily and when it was time for the dental cleaning the vet was surprised to find that the growth was completely gone.

This is yet another wondrous example how our bodies renew and heal themselves…the starfish (an animal, not a fish) can regenerate an arm…and the body can “absorb” “accumulations” such as tumors, etc.

“Pixie Dust” made from pig bladders, can regrow human limbs…take a peek at this link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1270990. There are many more links about pixie dust…very interesting that we don’t hear about it much in US of A. Could it be the AMA? Pharmaceutical companies? Government confusion as to how to tax the product? Or simply closed-minded people?

You might want to know about my Eliza Doolittle. She has gone over the Rainbow Bridge, but she was 6 years old when I rescued her from a shelter in Newark, NJ. Her story was that the owners brought her in the day I found her because she snapped at their grandchildren. Eliza weighed 4 pounds as a fully grown long-haired chihuahua. Her life had been spent in a cage. She was unable to walk a straight line. She moved forward by walking in little circles. Because she never learned to walk properly, her knee joints did not develop as they ought and her patella would slip behind the joint and she would scream in pain.

First thing we did was go to the vet and have her knee surgically repaired.

She had been fed only table scraps all her life, so the second thing we did was get her on a healthy diet.

I had a lot of love to give her and over the next 6 years, Eliza learned that not all humans are evil.

She learned to cuddle, play, enjoy walks, run in the park and make friends with other animals, including humans. With healthy food and much love and Jin Shin Jyutsu, she grew back her glorious long hair, a sparkle appeared in her eyes and she weighed in at 10 pounds, 1 ounce.

I miss her physical presence, but sense her energetic life with me constantly.

I cannot wish well to her previous owners. Their cruelty is incomprehensible. It makes me want to believe in Dante’s Inferno where those who abuse animals and children live eternally in fear and pain being eaten over and over by monsters like themselves.

Until I can get by that failure to forgive, I can clearly see I have an uphill slope on my own spiritual path…at least I don’t actually wish them un-well….

Woof! to you, Eliza, my darling.

Of course, I named her Eliza Doolittle because she came to me a “gutter snipe” and turned into a true “lady”.


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