Matthias Roth on SEL 20

Matthias Roth shares his experience of Safety Energy Lock 20 in issue Number 23, Winter 1998/99 of The Main Central:

Twenty may be one of our most used Safety Energy Locks. You will often touch it unconsciously as you rub or hold your forehead in an effort to remember or think. Without even knowing it, we all use 20 to help memory and concentration and clarity of the mind.

So we are not surprised to find out that 20 helps prevent or “dissipate” senility and any other loss of mental faculty.

The meaning of 20 is “eternal, ever-lasting, eternity, perpetual consciousness”. The latter is a fancier word for memory. Beyond recalling where on earth you put those car keys again, 20 helps you delve into such deep layers of remembering that it may spark timeless memory of who and what you truly are. You see, from practical, down-too-earth use all the way to spiritual evolution, 20 will let you open your eyes. The physical eyes (which especially benefit from a combination of 20 and opposite 4) and those “new eyes” that Mary talks about in quoting Proust: “The only true journey, the only fountain of youth, is not seeking out new landscapes, but having new eyes.”

All knowledge lies within myself. Having new eyes is what it takes to uncover it. 20 will let you open those eyes, allowing you to “amalgamate with universal consciousness”. In universal consciousness, we SEE simplicity. In simplicity, I SEE that holding little finger is to BE harmonizing number 20.

…full text is available at

Thank you, Matthias.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


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