I’m thinking…

…about our relationship with animals, planets, tones, colors, ancient cultures, each other, et cetera, et cetera.

I’ve wanted to begin a category for Animals for a while now.
I’ve had many experiences from both sides…animals helping me and me helping animals.

I want to fill this category with my own experiences and invite the reader to share as well.

After all these years, to have an awareness of my oneness with the universe and all that is contained in it, opens my mind to heretofore rejected theories/experiences of others as hogwash.

I sit quietly and think of the times over my life when animals had comforted me or had a mysterious message for me and realize the strangeness of remembering in detail yet not understanding any of it until now. Why did I not simply dismiss the memory to my deep subconsciousness?

Don’t know, but am glad because now the understanding begins to come. Why did Algernon, my horse, lay down in the paddock and put his head in my lap? I stroked his great head and he drank some of my orange juice from a paper cup, made some sounds and popped up to cavort in front of me! Many stories like that to tell….

I’ve rescued dogs, one at a time, for many years. Some were young, some were old, all were abused and/or neglected and required veterinary care and lots of love. For many years I was not aware of the depth of our communication but now begin to see. Before each went over the “Rainbow Bridge”, they learned that not all humans were bad and they had many days of peace and love.

After my last “little girl”, Eliza Doolittle, moved on to a place where we will meet again, I adopted a feral 3-month old kitten. After 3 months, during which time she made it purrfectly clear to me who was queen and who was in charge, we had a little talk and decided to foster another kitten. And so Cooper-kitty joined us. He was three months older than Cleopatra, yet I was privileged to observe as she “mothered” him, taught him to play and use the litter box, etc. Cleo and I had a joint effort agreement! Well, Cooper-kitty was officially adopted last Spring and we are now a family of 3.

I remember “Tweety” and “Sweetie” from my youth and how “Sweetie” developed a tumor and died and how “Tweety” died from a broken heart (?) two weeks later. Did I remember all these years because I learned how Jin Shin Jyutsu helps the body absorb accumulations? (Tumors are accumulations in JSJ-talk.) I remember the times of communication with my “nephew” “Mango’, a Senegal parrot. I cared for him when his owner was called away for business; a pretty frequent occurrence. The unity; the oneness…

I have many stories about my experiences with these animals which I will share in the future.

As respects Jin Shin Jyutsu, I have had several animal clients and welcome them all. I have wonderful ‘tails’ to relate (couldn’t resist) about how JSJ supported veterinary medicine and or harmonized an project before a vet was required.

Again, send me your stories so that we all may share.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


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