There are two articles in issue Number 22, Autumn 1998; Exhale by Sara Harper and The Story About Squirrel: Animal Medicine & Jin Shin Jyutsu.

I cannot move on to the next Safety Energy Lock without sharing these articles with you. I’m having difficulty choosing which one first! I think I’ll write about Exhale here and maybe start a new category about Jin Shin Jyutsu for animals for Squirrel Story. I have had many experiences with Jin Shin Jyutsu helping animals.

It is all about oneness; unity; compassion, love, service to all life in this wonder-full universe we call home. Plants and animals help us; we help them. We are supposed to help one another but, alas, we are not totally successful in any of these aspects of life. Well, shall we begin here? Yes, let’s do!

by Sara Harper

Each time I have had a session with Mary in the past I would come away with yet another treasure. Mary would always be contemplating some concept and would share her insights with me while receiving a session from her. One time in particular Mary said to me, “You’re not Exhaling”. Mary said to me that Exhaling is how we let go. It is how we let go of all tensions and stresses in the body. In fact, if we would simply focus on the Exhaling, the letting go, we would never have to worry about inhaling. It would happen without effort and we could receive the breath of life fully (Effortless Reality). Mary continued to coach me on Exhaling from each area of my body, especially where tensions and stresses had built up. She kept saying, “That’s right! Just Exhale”, from here and there as she worked on me. Mary said, “We do not take a breath, we Receive a breath.”

Well, all this was new to me, and it felt quite good to focus on the Exhaling and letting go – and so simple! All I have to do is focus on the Exhale, and I can release all tensions and stresses I have in my body. Well, it has been many years since Mary said that to me, and I have used that in my daily living ever since. I am still practicing the concept and will forever be a student of the Exhale (Letting Go).

In the Self Help Book II, page 11, Mary says:

“Exhale (lovingly ‘give’ out) all of the ‘dirt, dust and greasy grime’ from head to toes. Receive gratefully (inhale) the Cosmic Energy from toes to head.”

“Start counting the exhalings from one to thirty-six. Now we are in the ‘BREATH’ itself where there is ‘no-thing’. This is REALITY-PHYSIO-PHILOSOPHY (Nature-the Effortless reality) KNOW MYSELF IT IS.”

Thank you, Sara.
Thank you, Mary.

…full text is available at http://www.jsjinc.net.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


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