Matthias Roth on SEL 19

Matthias Roth writes about his experience of Safety Energy Lock 19 in issue Number 22, Autumn 1998 of The Main Central. Here is what he shared:

Safety Energy Lock 19 – authority and leadership: Cross your arms before your chest, gently hold your elbows and drop your shoulders as you do. Relax and look out at the world from this place of security.

There you are, providing a striking, easy-to-grasp impression of “Safety” Energy Lock 19. The “prince of heaven”, helping you to be the natural authority that you are, the Sun, allowing you to be your own power, 19, saying that nothing and no one has power over you.

This 19 space of power is such a natural one that it allows you to be all you need to be and still not step on anybody’s toes. Do you remember those teachers in schools who had such natural authority they needed none of the authoritarian tools their colleagues would fall back on? They exemplify 19.

There is space for everybody in this universe to be a perfect natural 19 and still not overwhelm the others. In fact, as you integrate 19 you will feel such natural strength and power that you won’t need to dominate others.

19 symbolizes body, which then seems to be the home and seat of natural authority. In the trio of rhythm-harmony-melody it stands for rhythm. So rhythm, which mostly speaks to the pelvic area – 15, the body and earth on another level – seems to be of the body, while melody (18) is of the mind, and harmony (17) is of the spirit. Many cultures of the world perform empowering dances with a strong emphasis on rhythm before facing some of life’s challenges and struggles. And western military music uses strong and simple rhythm to keep everybody in line.

But let’s return to the more serene picture of you with your arms comfortably crossed. Your calm and centeredness in this position are a big part of 19. After all, 19 harmonizes the brain and, through opening the number 14, empties the head. By opening 9, 19 releases all the past to let us be the now. By opening 23, it lets us be the master of our own destiny.

19’s meaning of perfect balance rounds off the picture of the gentle authority it is. As Collective Intelligence, 19 helps you be all you need to be and still keep perfect balance with All. All-inclusive, white, the Sun, 19 is one of those “Safety” Energy Locks that by empowering you allow all others to become empowered.

All – the thumb! This one finger standing out from all the others, this oneness finger, harmonizes number 19. The German Rabbi Weinreb, also specialist on the Kabbalah, shares that when the Egyptians cut off the Jews’ thumbs, the Jews could no longer sing! To sing here means to praise, to be ONE with Creation. Take good care of your thumbs. Be 19.

Thank you, Matthias.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


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