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I’m thinking…

…about issue Number 20, Spring 1998 of The Main Central from which we have extracted information from three teachers concerning their experience of Safety Energy Lock 17.

I strongly recommend that students of Jin Shin Jyutsu obtain a copy of this particular newsletter from because there is a letter from Haruki Kato that I consider very important. There is also an article “Attitude is Everything” and another entitled “What a Difference an Hour Can Make”; both worthwhile reads.

I’m also thinking about the Depth Qualities of SEL 17. We know from the Jin Shin Jyutsu post today that it is 3rd Depth along with SEL 16, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22. It is middle finger with an attitude of anger. (On another level, 17 is the lateral side of the ring finger which is 2nd Depth and the attitude is sadness or grief. So we need always remember that we have many relationships/understandings of the energy in our container [body] which is a constantly spiraling movement flowing in different patterns in our being bringing new and regenerated health and harmony from our own personal 6th Depth “blueprint”.)

The Depth Quality of 17 includes the element wood, the function blood, the stress of reading, the project is eyes and the organs in this level are Liver and Gall Bladder. 17 has relationship with cervical vertebra 2, the astrological sign is Aquarius, the planet is Jupiter, the number is 8 and the color is green. The musical tone is C, the day of the week is Thursday, the season is Spring, the direction is East, the metal is tin, the mineral is sapphire, the taste is sour, the smell is rancid and the “quickie” is 14.

You can refresh your memory of where the SELs are located on the body by opening the “Safety Energy Locks” category.

Let’s hold our 14’s for fun!


All About Mary

…taken from The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter Number 20, Spring 1998:

“A tense will, set to accomplish a certain end, will keep the whole system to that end, thereby obstructing the flow.”
-Mary Burmeister

Thank you, Mary. Today I shall try to be open-minded and intuitive.

Waltraud Riegger-Krause on SEL 17

Waltraud Riegger-Krause shares from the Spring 1998 issue, Number 20:

Safety Energy Lock 17, together with 18 and 19, is manifested on the Diagonal Mediator flow. These 3 energy locks represent spirit, mind and body. 17 is correlated with spirit. Here, a quote from Lao-tzu comes to my mind:

“Mind is the master of form, Spirit is the jewel of the mind.”

This means to me that every thought we think is imbued with spirit. In other words, if we bring the thought to our heart, the home of spirit, the outcome, the action will be in harmony. The DIAGONAL (Mediator) UNIVERSAL HARMONIZING ENERGY is the activating principle, and the 3rd Depth has the same function on another level. The Mediator brings the Trinity into action, into movement, and the 3rd Depth brings the ingredients of the 6th Depth into manifestation in the Order of Creation. Mary sometimes said 3rd Depth is similar to Mediator. Both have the color green. 16 is the first Safety Energy Lock being manifested in the 3rd Depth and means the basis of human activity. So 3rd Depth is one universal force that starts the action of manifestation. 16 is the bridge to this action, and then we go on with 17, the spiritual aspect of this action. Spirit is there first. So as we hold our 17 on the hand, we can harmonize the heart and all heart related projects.

I’ve used 17 together with 18 on people who are close to collapsing. Mary had shown me in class a way of holding 17 on the inside of the hand with one hand, together with 18 on the inside of the thumb with the other hand. After a few minutes they stopped sweating and shaking and went back into harmony. 17 helps all shaking, helps the nerves and supports the spleen function.

Being spirit, 17 has to do with reproduction. We can help all reproduction function projects. It helps to attract the spark to come in if someone wants to get pregnant. 17 brings Intuition. It stops the “trying to”, and brings one into the flow.

…full text available at

Thank you, Waltraud.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

I’m thinking…

…about the Tao.

Endlessly creating
Endlessly pulsating
The Spirit of the Valley never dies
She is called the Hidden Creator

Although She becomes the whole universe Her immaculate purity is never lost
Although She assumes countless forms Her true identity remains intact
Whatever we see or don’t see
Whatever exists or doesn’t exist
Is nothing but the creation of this Supreme Power

Tao is limitless, unborn, eternal – It can only be reached through the Hidden Creator
She is the very face of the Absolute
The gate to the source of all things eternal

Listen to Her voice
Hear it echo through creation
Without fail, She reveals Her presence
Without fail, She brings us to our own perfection

…Verse 6 from “Tao Te Ching”
Lao-Tzu, translated by Jonathan Star
ISBN: 978-158542-618-8

Jed Schwartz on SEL 17

We are continuing to read about Safety Energy Lock 17 from issue Number 20, Spring 1998. Here is what Jed Schwartz shared about his experience of SEL 17:

I sit holding my 17’s waiting and hoping for the germination of an idea for this issue of The Main Central. This is one of the functions of 17, as I remember Mary sharing in class. I’m getting very relaxed – mind emptying – and a wonderful peacefulness fills me as I become aware of 17 flowing through me.

Seventeen is located in the valley between the two bumps on the back of the little finger side of the wrist. Certain practices of meditation utilize S.E.L. 17 by resting the wrists with the palms facing upward on the knees, which are in a cross leg or seated position. These postures are supposed to help facilitate a positive openness for meditation, contemplation and reflection.

S.E.L. 17 relates to spirit as well as to reproduction, similar to S.E.L. 13. Seventeen is spirit, the soul; and being an ascending Safety Energy Lock and on the Mediator, it brings forth the action of spirit ascending. Thirteen – the fertility specialist – is a descending Safety Energy Lock and is spirit descending into form.

I remember a client who had great anxiety and a history of mental-emotional stress: she would always fidget by wringing (circling) her wrists, first one and then the other, whether standing, sitting or lying down. She said that the greater the anxiety, the faster she would do this ritual in order to soothe herself.  When I held her 17’s, they were throbbing with a rapid pulse. The suggestion to consciously hold S.E.L. 17 while exhaling helped to soothe her more effectively and activated 17’s harmonizing power.

I am now being the experience of 17, helping creative thinking. Enjoy being 17!

…full text available at

Thank you, Jed.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


Lynne Pflueger on SEL 17

In issue Number 20, Spring 1998, Lynne Pflueger, Jed Schwartz and Waltraud Riegger-Krause share their experience of Safety Energy Lock 17.

Let us read what Lynne Pflueger shared:

Seventeen is intuition. The word intuition reduces numerologically to two. Two is Wisdom. 17/8 is magic. One of the many aspects of living the Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu has taught me to listen to the magic of my intuition. Now, I realize my intuition has always been present. In the past I would dismiss it as nonsense, not to be taken seriously as it was unsupported by intellectual knowledge. G.K. Chesterton said, “You can only find truth with logic if you have already found truth without it.”

Consulting the dictionary I find that intuition is: direct perception of facts, truths, etc. independent of any reasoning process; as immediate cognition of an object not inferred or determined by a previous cognition of same object; or pure, untaught, non-inferential knowledge. On the title page of Text I, Mary refers to “…unencumbered communion with the Creator”. For me this is my intuition talking to me through my mind. The mind is man’s link to the Creator. Seventeen is on the Mediator flow. Mediator will clear the mind of attitudes so that it will be still to receive.

In the tarot, seventeen is the Star, relating to meditation. Dr. Paul Foster Case, in his book The Tarot; A Key to the Wisdom of the Ages, says about 17, “It has been defined as an unbroken flow of knowledge in a particular object…It is a fishing for truth in the depths of the sub-consciousness…It shows the method whereby knowledge of the Great Secret is attained…When we stop thinking, Truth unveils itself to us.” What simple magic to meditate while jumper-cabling energy lock 17, patiently listening for thoughts from the Creator. Mary says, “Just BE and the answer will come.”

Seventeen is reproductive energy. We have the ability to reproduce externally or internally. Life is always flowing and changing. Our cells die and reproduce themselves. 17 is Aquarius which governs the ankles. Energy locks 5 and 16 live on the ankles. Five is putting off the old and putting on the new. Sixteen is transformation; breaking down of existing forms for new ones. Jumper cabling 17 then will help 5 and 16 move us into new perceptions, new thinking, new ways of acting. Studying the Viking Runes, Ralph Blum states that Rune number 17 is movement. This is a rune of transit and transition. Numerologically, the word seventeen reduces to One. One is the prime mover! Jin Shin Jyutsu is awesomely simple magic.

…full text is available at

Thank you, Lynne.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

I’m thinking…

..about Lonner F. Holden.

I looked him up…here is what I found:

Lonner F. Holden

Lonner Holden, trail leader for Writing Wild: Grand Canyon, has been a student of the Canyon for thirty years. He has made many forays into the Canyon, including rafting the Colorado River and running the Canyon solo rim-to-rim.
He grew up in Alaska, mountain trekking and backpacking in grizzly country. An avid wilderness explorer, he has floated the Yukon River, skied Denali, summited Mt. Shasta, and kayaked the Northern California coast. In 1972, he was a member of the first south-to-north land expedition to cross the Gibson and Great Victorian deserts of the Australian Outback. From youth, he has developed a serious interest in animal tracking and will bring these nature awareness skills to our excursion also.
Lonner is Wilderness First Responder Certified. A twenty-year practitioner of Wilderness Self-Rescue acupressure, he teaches others how to use these methods for recovery from trauma, injury, fatigue, and altitude sickness. He has had ample experience in helping wilderness travelers who found themselves at risk. Lonner is committed to the prevention of injury and fatigue and will be alert to the condition of each participant of Writing Wild: Grand Canyon.
As a published poet and writer, Lonner is currently authoring a book, Gallery: Reflections in the Grand Canyon, his tribute to the Grand Canyon. “The intricate strata of perception and understanding in Lonner’s journals are truly inspiring,” says one of his teachers. Lonner’s energy, passion, and insight will be cornerstones of our Writing Wild adventure.

Meditation on Thanksgiving

I was about to move right along to Safety Energy Lock 17 when I noticed this lovely Thanksgiving poem written by Lonner F. Holden on the back page of the newsletter. It is only October and not the month for the holiday we celebrate as Thanksgiving here in these United States of America, but isn’t every day of the year a day for Thanksgiving?

So, please join me as I digress…

Meditation on Thanksgiving

Whatever I have in my life, if I accept it fully and completely, I have gratitude.
If the fire in my hearth grows dim and I am left in the cold and dark;
if my stores of food perish and I am left with no bread in my hand;
if my well runs dry and I am left with no drink in my cup;
if my chest is lost and I am left with no robes to cover myself;
if my house turns to rubble and I am left with no home;
if my body fails me and I am left with poor health – I still have life.
And in my full acceptance of what I am left with I am filled with gratitude,
for life alone is God’s act of abundance.

Living, at its fullest, is laughter and tears; music, dance and song;
the company of friends and family; the appreciation of nature; work and prayer.
If I have but any one of these I have life and my heart and spirit are full.
For blessing what I have is my act of abundance.

As I lend my attention to what I have it becomes more,
As I am grateful I am at peace with others for I see they are not the source of my abundance,
nor my loss.
As I am accepting I am grateful, as I am grateful I am forgiving and I know generosity.
So may I more fully know and accept myself and express my generosity to others;
and may I more fully know and accept others and in so being be grateful for them
and accept their generosity;
and may I more fully know and accept God, my Creator, and in so being be grateful to Him
and accept His generosity which is my life and all that blesses, sustains and maintains it.
The deepest expression of gratitude is to accept who I am, what I have and what is.

For if life alone is God’s act of abundance and I have fire, bread, drink, robes, home and health;
if I experience joy, sorrow, music, dance, song, friends, family, nature, work and prayer
in excess of life alone, how can I possibly ever be without peace, thanks or giving?

…full text is available at

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings