I’m thinking…

…about what Rita shared about Jin Shin Jyutsu helping her Mom.

I’m thinking about how rapidly Jin Shin Jyutsu brings help to the body by opening blocked Safety Energy Locks. Rita commented that she learned in class that harmony would begin in 20 minutes. Me too! I’ve learned that and experienced it through self-help and with clients. Of course I’ve been studying Jin Shin Jyutsu for 10 years and learned how energy moves in the body and to the body from the 6th Depth Blueprint and from 8th Depth Source.

The point is that it all begins to harmonize within 20 minutes!

When I have a client, I will check the 12 wrist pulses to see if there is disharmony. I look at the body to see if one side is higher, how wrists “break” when in rest, do legs/feet turn in or out, if left matches right, etc., and I also check body pulses as I gently touch the SELs. Another thing I do is slide my hand under the body at 13’s, 14’s then 15’s. That will show me where energy is “stuck”.

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “dead weight”. When energy is not moving, when it is stuck, it becomes unbelievably heavy.

I have a client who is 6’ 6” and weighs about 250 pounds. His bone structure is large. After a few JSJ sessions – and faithful, daily self-help – my hands slide under his large frame as though he were a feather!

I have another client who is about 5’1” who weighs 100 pounds soaking wet and has a dainty, small bone structure…I need a crane to slide my hands under her tiny frame!

That is because energy is stuck; not moving; not permitting the body to heal and maintain itself. If energy is stuck at one SEL due to illness or injury it is like a dam. Energy begins to back up to the previous SEL and the one before that and so on. I could twist my ankle and the manifestation of disharmony is a headache!

BUT, if I gently hold the appropriate SEL or even gently hold each finger of both hands, I will have relief begin in 20 minutes!

Go figure! It is very difficult to have a person who has never heard of Jin Shin Jyutsu get on the table for 20 minutes. If I can encourage them to try, they see! Their life changes…especially if they perform self-help daily.

Also, if I give an hour session, the full effects will manifest by the end of the 2nd hour and last for 8 hours!

And it is not because I am so very special (though I am…smile). Anyone can learn this 5,000 year old healing Art and help their body help itself! It is even instinctive! What Mom or Dad doesn’t automatically reach to gently touch the “boo-boo” of an injured child? How many nights to you fall asleep with your hands resting on your rib cage – that is where the 14’s are located. Or do you fall asleep on your side with knees together? The inner knee is where the 1’s are located. Do you sprawl a little and awaken with the sole of one foot against the inside of the opposite knee? That is 6 on 1! Major harmonizing! Your body is talking to you!!

Remember that we are in 2013 and enjoy the miracle of modern medicine. Jin Shin Jyutsu does not replace a medical doctor’s care…it supplements it. It makes healing quicker, helps medicines get to the right spot and reduces negative side effects of that same medicine!

I don’t know how it works. I only know it works.


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