The Gift, Part 2

What follows is the conclusion of Rita Grove’s article, The Gift, as printed in the Summer 1998 issue of The Main Central:

“One afternoon, returning from a rest, I found her with a fever and chills that she had been experiencing for a few hours. We were both distraught, and I didn’t know what to do. My attention went to the 4th step of the Second Method of Correction, help for fever due to kidney disharmony.

In class I learned that a change would take place in twenty minutes. So I held the 23 and the 15, and in seventeen minutes the fever was gone. the low 8’s and 16 were miraculous for nausea from the chemo. The 23/25 flow removed our fear, as did Reversing and Increasing of the 4th Depth which also aids bone marrow and eliminates toxicity.

Her doctor and the nurses were amazed at her recovery and her attitude. The doctor said, relative to most patients, she ‘flew through’ the treatments. She experienced almost no ‘side effects’. Now he anticipates that she will recover completely.

What a gift for her to be able to recover and be reminded of the many people who love her. What an empowering gift for me, in a typically helpless situation, to be able to participate in her miraculous healing journey, healing myself in the process.

I entered this opportunity with little confidence in my ability to do Jin Shin Jyutsu for others. My lack of experience didn’t matter, the answer was always there; the pulse would guide me, the book would fall open to the perfect place, my friend and practitioner Karen Hampton would call with suggestions, or I would hear Wayne’s reassuring voice from my memories of class.

I cannot find the words to express the gratitude I feel. I hope to honor this gift with a renewed and conscious desire to share it. I feel that each time we share Jin Shin Jyutsu, it is like a miraculous raindrop, manifesting a ripple through the energetic ‘pool’ of life, sending positive, healing goodness to each one who is ‘touched’ by this wondrous Art.”

…full text may be obtained at

Thank you, Rita.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


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