Lynne Pflueger on SEL 18

Today we begin our review of Safety Energy Lock 18 from issue Number 21, Summer 1998. This is what Lynne Pflueger shared about her experience of SEL 18:

I have been wondering what it is about numbers in their teen’s that set them apart form the others. After a numerological investigation, I came upon something very interesting. Teen translates to numbers as 20, 5, 5, 14 or 2555. The word teen then brings the energy of transformation through three five’s, supported by two which is wisdom or the life force for all creatures. It is fun to contemplate this in the context of our developmental teenage years and adolescence. My imagination then leads me to say that Eighteen is magical transformative power supported by wisdom and life force.

Eighteen is body consciousness, “…the aggregate intelligence of the cells of the body.” This passage is from Dr. Paul Foster Case in his classic book, The Tarot: a Key to the Wisdom of the Ages. He goes on to say in his chapter on Key 18: The Moon, that “Nature gives us the wild body. Art must perfect it. Yet a flesh and blood body is the necessary vehicle for mastery as expressed here on the physical plane, and though it can not inherit or transmit the powers of adeptship, it can become a vehicle for those powers when it is rightly organized by adaptive methods…” Jin Shin Jyutsu being the organizer and harmonizer.

Eighteen also governs functions affecting human personality. I have day-dreamed on why this would be so. My thoughts went to our Second Depth, the air element. Air is the harmonizer of the intellect. Mary says, “If the ether is out of balance, a person’s thoughts are confused, abnormal.” The Lung flow which brings divine breath to the body, goes through 18. The first two steps of the Breathing flow are the high 19 held with same side 18, helping Lung. As the breath flows into rhythm, the thoughts begin to harmonize. Eighteen is also along the pathway of the Diagonal Mediator. Mediator is the harmonizer of all attitudes, thereby unburdening the body and clearing the mind. Eighteen then, will harmonize all 27,000 billion cells and bring our thoughts into balance through the breath and the rhythm and motion of the Mediator. My thoughts also drift to our Sixth Depth, the Big Breath of life. Here we are lifted above the five attitudes into a serenity impervious to life’s circumstances. Both Eighteen and Sixth Depth are ruled by the Moon which establishes personality, feelings, and organizes body cells.

Eighteen is also the harmonizer of sleep. Sleep is the provider of physiological repair. If you are having difficulty staying awake during the day, jumper cable 18. Or if you are not falling asleep at night, jumper cable 18.

If this were not enough, turn to page 56 in Text 2. I am always so impressed with Thumb Function Energy. How simple it is to hold 18 with same side shoulder to harmonize the myriad of projects listed at the bottom of the page. Today it is raining again. In Marin County, California, we are now over a total of 85 inches of rain for the season. Sometime today I will sit quietly listening to the water element, our purifier, holding Eighteen knowing I am being magically transformed on a cellular and personality level.

…full text is available at

Thank you, Lynne.

Well, this article is a little overwhelming to me and it is clear I have much yet to learn. I will write more in “I’m thinking….” Don’t forget to look at the “Safety Energy Locks” category to identify the location of 18, 19, etc.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


3 thoughts on “Lynne Pflueger on SEL 18

    1. Debbie Beaton Post author

      Hi JJ,
      The 18’s are at the base of the thumb. I prefer to gently put the index, middle and ring fingers of my right hand on the base of my left hand thumb so that I am lightly touching thumb-to-wrist…and vice-versa! It is a terrific self-help hold. Also, don’t forget that the category “Safety Energy Locks” shows the position on the body. Here is mind-blower: each SEL is a 6-inch diameter sphere of spinning energy! Clockwise is harmony, counter-clockwise is disharmony. I LOVE Jin Shin Jyutsu! Thank you for your question, JJ


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