I’m thinking…

..about Lonner F. Holden.

I looked him up…here is what I found:

Lonner F. Holden

Lonner Holden, trail leader for Writing Wild: Grand Canyon, has been a student of the Canyon for thirty years. He has made many forays into the Canyon, including rafting the Colorado River and running the Canyon solo rim-to-rim.
He grew up in Alaska, mountain trekking and backpacking in grizzly country. An avid wilderness explorer, he has floated the Yukon River, skied Denali, summited Mt. Shasta, and kayaked the Northern California coast. In 1972, he was a member of the first south-to-north land expedition to cross the Gibson and Great Victorian deserts of the Australian Outback. From youth, he has developed a serious interest in animal tracking and will bring these nature awareness skills to our excursion also.
Lonner is Wilderness First Responder Certified. A twenty-year practitioner of Wilderness Self-Rescue acupressure, he teaches others how to use these methods for recovery from trauma, injury, fatigue, and altitude sickness. He has had ample experience in helping wilderness travelers who found themselves at risk. Lonner is committed to the prevention of injury and fatigue and will be alert to the condition of each participant of Writing Wild: Grand Canyon.
As a published poet and writer, Lonner is currently authoring a book, Gallery: Reflections in the Grand Canyon, his tribute to the Grand Canyon. “The intricate strata of perception and understanding in Lonner’s journals are truly inspiring,” says one of his teachers. Lonner’s energy, passion, and insight will be cornerstones of our Writing Wild adventure.

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