Waltraud Riegger-Krause on SEL 16

Waltraud Riegger-Krause has insight to offer us as respects her experience of Safety Energy Lock 16 in issue Number 19, Winter 1997/1998;

With Safety Energy Lock 16, we enter the 3rd depth. It is the foundation of all our undertakings, the basis of all human activities.

To me this means: 16 as the first Safety Energy Lock that is manifested in the 3rd depth has a big influence upon our actions in life. With SEL 16 we can break old habits, old thought patterns, old emotional hurts and our attitude patterns in which we are caught, and transform them into new ones. The new ones will create our future activities. Physically 16 helps to break down old tissue in the body, like scar tissue and hard muscles and allows them to get soft again. It regulates the muscle tone and releases cramps in the body.

16 means TRANSFORMATION. By taking away the fear, 16 helps us to be aware of what is not real in us, of what is artificial and doesn’t belong to our true Self anymore. All which has accumulated in our Personality and is not true anymore will be cleaned and transformed by 16. So, we can come closer and closer to the true nature of our Self. If our awareness changes, WE have to change also and drop our old attitudes, habits and body structure. That’s why 16 helps the reproduction and bringing forth of new life. It helps fertility, to get pregnant and to nourish the uterus during pregnancy.

16 clears the 20’s, which helps to clear our mental attachments and to get rid of thoughts that create headaches. 16 smooths a swollen upper eyelid and opposite jaw projects such as TMJ or swollen gums.

16 changes problems into projects and fear into FUN.

Together with 17, 18, and 19, 16 assists in a very powerful flow that connects the Supervisor and the Mediator flows and harmonizes spirit, mind and body.

…the full text is available at www.jsjinc.net.

Thank you, Waltraud.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


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