“What Mary Says,…”

I’m reading the Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter for Winter 1997/1998 because I’m going to blog about Safety Energy Lock 16 and, lo and behold! There is an article about this very book that I draw wisdom from and share with you, the reader…

“What Mary Says…”

Over the past two years, Lynne Pflueger and Michael Wenninger have been compiling quotations used by Mary Burmeister during her many years of teaching. Many of these are original quotations of Mary’s, while others were drawn from her personal study and research. The resulting book is a reflections of Mary’s unique insights and awareness.

The following has been extracted from “What Mary Says…” to highlight its purpose and intention.

Introduction by Michael and Lynne

Through the years Mary has spoken her wisdom and philosophy of Jin Shin Jyutsu to us through her lectures, hands-on and her process of using quotations to share the Truth. We all have used the expression, “What Mary says is…” as a way of expressing a particular point in discussing safety energy locks, understanding relationships and so on. Several of us have noticed recently that two or more people will have different variations of the same quotation. Since Mary no longer actively participates in Jin Shin Jyutsu workshops, at least not in the physical dimension, her quotations have started to change through people’s different interpretation of what she said. As we all know, two people will hear the same words and then write them down differently. Of course, whatever the person wrote down is what they wanted to know and learn anyway, so whatever Mary said to that person is what they were supposed to learn.

The purpose of the book then is to capture as closely as possible the essence of Mary’s teaching through the quotations she used. We have compiled these quotations from a variety of sources, conducted more edits than we even imagined possible and sent a draft to all the instructors for their review and comments. Although there may still be some valid differences, we believe this edition is close to her original intention.

In considering an appropriate title for this presentation, we discussed the thoughts of, “What Mary Says” versus “What Mary Said”. In listening to ourselves and others use Mary’s quotations, do we say, “What Mary Said” or “What Mary Says”. We believe she is always with us now. Since her words, thoughts and ideas are her legacy to us in our present awareness, we decided on “What Mary Says…” as a constant reminder from her that this precious moment is all we have.  (Michael Wenninger)

Over the years quite probably many of you who studied with Mary Burmeister got the idea to compile her sayings into a form to share with others. It took an Aries to bring this into manifestation. This project has allowed me to listen again to Mary and to immerse myself in her genius, wisdom, and playfulness. May the book allow all of us to bask in her Knowing presence.

At the conclusion of one of her classes Mary made the following statement, “Thank you and in Unconditional Cosmic Love I leave you physically and I am with you all eternally as One. May each of you discover the teacher within and Be the FUN.”  (Lynne Pflueger)

…this book is available at http://www.jsjinc.net

Thank you, Mary.


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