I’m thinking…

…the laughter of a child.

I’ve had my supper,
And had my supper,
And HAD my supper and all;

I’ve heard the story
Of Cinderella,
And how she went to the ball;

I’ve cleaned my teeth,
and I’ve said my prayers,
And I’ve cleaned them and said them right;

And they’ve all of them been
And kissed me lots,
They’ve all of them said “Good-night”.

So – here I am in the dark alone,
There’s nobody here to see;
I think to myself,
I play to myself,
And nobody knows what I say to myself; Here I am in the dark alone,
What is it going to be?
I can think whatever I like to think,
I can play whatever I like to play,
I can laugh whatever I like to laugh,
There’s nobody here but me.

I’m talking to a rabbit…
I’m talking to the sun…
I think I am a hundred –
I’m one.
I’m lying in a forest…
I’m lying in a cave…
I’m talking to a Dragon…
I’m lying on my left side…
I’m lying on my right…
I’ll play a lot tomorrow…

I’ll think a lot tomorrow…

I’ll laugh…

a lot…



In the Dark

Now We Are Six by A. A. Milne
ISBN 0-525-44446-7


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