I’m thinking…

…about SEL 15.

The Joy Giver.
Renewing Intelligence.
15s are little finger, the color blue-violet, musical tone A and Capricorn.

Open 15s change “I don’t know why I do what I do” to “Why I do what I do”.

Open 15s help busy, busy bees and caregivers.

Got a headache? Open 15s!

Break a bone? Open 15s…cuts healing time in half, just hold the 15 on the same side of the injury.

15s are very important for heart function…circulation of blood…bone marrow, so it is wise to keep them open.

So open 15s wash our hearts with laughter, help heal broken bones but also help mental health issues, fatigue, stress, depression and coordination (being accident prone)!

The steps of the 15 Flow start with 15 (Joy) and move thusly: SEL 6 (Balance), SEL 8 (Infinity), SEL 2 (Inhale), SEL 9 (erases past), SEL 10 (Abundance), SEL 19 (Leadership), SEL 18 (Mediator) and back to SEL 15 (Joy)!

Hope your day is happy!


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