Confessions of jin shin junkies: How to be well-healed in life

We are going to begin looking at The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 18, Autumn 1997. This issue is chock-full of helpful information and I strongly suggest you obtain a personal copy at and keep it at hand.

There is an article by Susan Viebrock: Confessions of jin shin junkies: How to be well-healed in life. There is another article by Pennie Sempell about in-hospital research using JSJ with intensive care patients and another article by Carolynn Conley about Equine Jin Shin Jyutsu.

There’s more! Now Know Myself by Ian Kraut and three of our teachers, Lynne Pflueger, Matthias Roth and Jed Schwartz, share their experience of Safety Energy Lock 15!

Before we start looking at SEL 15, I’d like to share just a couple of quick excerpts from this issue:

“God is my teacher. God is my Doer. God does it all for me.” – Mary Burmeister

“After returning from a series of sessions in Scottsdale last December, my nine year old son took hold of my hand as we crossed the street and said, ‘Mom, I think you’re cured.’ ‘What makes you say that?’ ‘Your hand feels like it used to feel before you got sick.’ He was four years old back then.” – Gail Boorstein

The ancient gods are said to have lived on nectar and not to have eaten or drunk like other men. It is quite true that honey gained or extracted from coping with the problems of everyday life is the food of the higher man. While we eat at the well-laden board it would be well for us to consider whether or not the spiritual man is also nourished and developed by the things which we have transmuted in our own lives.
An ancient philosopher once said that the bee extracts honey from the pollen of the flower, while from the same source the spider extracts poison. The problem which then confronts us is: are we bees or spiders? Do we transform the experiences of life into honey, or do we change them into poison? Do they lift us, or do we eternally rebel against the pricks? Many people become soured by experience, but the wise one takes the honey and builds it into the beehive of his own spiritual nature.
– Manley P. Hall, the Occult Anatomy of Man

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


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