I’m thinking…

…about how I stumbled into an awareness of Jin Shin Jyutsu and how it changed my life.

Perhaps you are interested in learning the Ancient Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu in order to harmonize yourself and to help family and friends…even your pet companions!

To tantalize you I am going to share something that Matthias Roth wrote for The Main Central. Unless you have taken classes, you probably won’t understand, but may be tempted to learn more. You can find information about classes at http://www.jsjinc.net.

144 Questions on Text II
(Or the Thing with the “Ing” and the “Ed”)

In Text II, the energy of the One Source (the cosmic egg) breaks down into twelve aspects called organ flows. These twelve are really one and, like the petals of a daisy, need to be seen as expressions of the oneness that they form: you are all twelve of your organ flows.

What does an organ flow do? Builds the body, doesn’t it? So, Text II is about the body, Text I about the invisible, right? Well, not quite. There’s the thing with the “ing” and the “ed”.

Page 55 calls organ flows the “body building energy”. They are, but for the manifesting, manifested body. Energy doesn’t just pop from an unmanifested (Text I) body into a manifested, visible (Text II) body. There is the manifesting body in between, where “with the intermingling of flesh and consciousness, a profound mysterious transformation occurs”.

There is a body being built (or manifested) as an expression of a gradual and mysterious shift from thoughts into words into action. The “ed” is the outcome: a physical body with physical functions. Its laws are described in the lumbar circle on the answer sheet (handout from class), and in the book it takes up most of pages 44-61 (or actually, 44-59).

The “ing”, however, is the process that leads to the “ed”. It takes up most of Text II, and the biggest chunk of the answer sheet in the thoracic vertebrae! Here, the order of creation reveals a playful dance wherein consciousness condenses into matter and expresses form. The organ flows join in this dance as the twelve actors of the one piece.

As you look even closer, you see that each of the twelve organ functions has again twelve aspects contained within its oneness! Text II informs us that the organ flows develop four aspects, the physical form, but also the “invisible consciousness, voice and energy” (p. 3). It adds that the organ flows perform three actions, for they build, repair and protect (p. 9).

Does this mean that each organ flow builds form, reparis form and protects form; builds an aspect of consciousness, repairs that aspect of consciousness, and protects it? That it builds, repairs and protects one of the twelve aspects of my voice? And of my energy?

Then an exciting concert of 144 questions arises on Text II: What perfect body does the lung flow build? What damage to the body does it repair? What wear and tear, what accidents will it protect me from? How do I express when I voice the perfect lung that I am? What expression is restored to me, how is it protected by that flow? What consciousness? What kind of energy or vitality? And all these questions may be raised on all eleven other organ flows…

It is fun! The flow pattern, physical organ, zodiac sign and time of day all help you to play with these questions, study, think or daydream about them. It is fun to become aware of each flow manifesting simultaneously as personality, expression, vitality and bodily form. Then the body and all the other aspects become an open book to read. The wholeness becomes obvious, and therefore, simplicity. BE IT IS, IS.

Thank you, Matthias.

If all this seems overwhelming to you, I am certified to teach you Jin Shin Jyutsu Self-Help and that is much simpler to understand, though I must warn you that it may lead to a desire to learn more. It will still permit you to help yourself and your family, friends and pets, but you will need to accept some truths and practice your self-help daily. Mary challenges you to learn and practice and says you will begin to see the difference in 7 days. That is quite a promise!

You can check out the various classes that I offer on the front page of this blog-site.

Your personal harmony of body, mind and spirit rests in your own hands!

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