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Susan M. Brooks on SEL 13

Now, about that Safety Energy Lock 13…Susan M. Brooks writes of her experience with SEL 13 in issue Number 16, Spring 1997:

How appropriate the timing is to comment on SEL 13, as I sit with my 2 month old little girl, Grace. Without having received hundreds of 13 flows over the years of wanting to conceive, perhaps Grace would not have arrived. 13 symbolizes the Creator – the energy of Heaven – allowing that energy from Source to infill each of us with its brilliant light and inspiration. As we are aware, creativity expresses itself through each of us in different ways, fertility being only one of those forms. 13 is the number of fertility, reproduction, regeneration, and creativity. Anytime a reproductive project exists, whether it be infertility, repeated miscarriage, menstrual irregularities or difficulties, hysterectomy, or any male related fertility issues, think about utilizing the 13 flow.

It is dynamic for reproductive needs combined with each of the finger flows, the Large Intestine, Small Intestine, and the Umbilicus functions. The 13 flow in conjunction with each of the toe flows – the Spleen, Kidney, and Liver functions, has proven to be especially effective with breech presentation in pregnancy. This combination of flows allow the pelvis to open and the fetus to reverse its position, if that’s what is intended to be. Sometimes for instance, if the umbilical cord is wrapped around the baby’s neck, the baby is not meant to or going to turn into a head down position.

As Mary so aptly worded it in her Self-Help book, if we’d like to change our self-image, simply hold our 13s.

Perhaps this concept has something to do with Bladder function, 4th Depth, which enters on the Main Central level at the center 13 – 4th Depth – allowing us to shed any excess accumulation and baggage in our lives, and begin anew.

Center 13 is located by the thymus gland, the master gland for the immune system. Especially during the winter season, at least in Colorado with the extreme weather swings, flu is prevalent. Spending time daily with the 13s can serve as a flu shot, for as we are aware, even those who get a flu shot may get the flu.

A final thought on 13…when we want to access that place of inner strength from within and remember our connection with Source, with our origin in spirit, simply place our fingers on our 13s, breathe, and remember, out of No-Thing we each came to be.

Thank you, Susan.

The entire text can be obtained at

Next we will discover what Matthias Roth has to share about SEL 13.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


I’m thinking…

…about what I just posted in the “Jin Shin Jyutsu” category:
dynamic swirling, eddying, sheathing showers and rivers and pools of color and sound and light…

From No-Thing

We are creatures of movement, music and light:

9th depth is NO-THING
Pure space, void, chaos

8th depth is “•” (the dot; the Creator, SOURCE of all Sources)
The first swirling. ..a vibration of sound and movement
It is the number of Creator Energy, God, magic, jumper cable energy
*= ∞ moves so fast, it denses down to the “eye of God” or the light of the eye, light of the sun in 7th depth. Light cannot be seen until an object interrupts it – we are the objects.
8th depth overflows to:

7th depth is THE SUN (energy which continually flows down)
We are the creatures made out of light.
The spark of life happens at 7th depth.

6th depth is from the overflow of 7th depth comes 6th depth gives birth to our unique expression of the “•”
It is the (capital S) Source. (3rd depth is (little s) source.
It is the Blueprint. It is the breath of life essence.
Here the MAIN CENTRAL VERTICAL UNIVERSAL HARMONIZING ENERGY is born. It is the exhale down the front and the inhale up the back. The space between exhale and inhale is “stillness”.
It then gives birth to the LEFT AND RIGHT MAJOR VERTICAL (Supervisor) UNIVERSAL HARMONIZING ENERGY and it then gives birth to the LEFT AND RIGHT DIAGONAL (Mediator)

ENERGY LOCKS. “SELS” are alive; they live and breathe and move.
They are not precise points. Each SEL has a 6 inch diameter.

The LEFT AND RIGHT DIAGONAL (Mediator) UNIVERSAL HARMONIZING ENERGY gives birth to the 12 “individualized” body function energy and their harmony is measured through the 5 attitudes: worry, fear, anger, grief, pretense. The twelve kinds of body function energy circulate continuously throughout the body twenty-four hours a day, building, repairing and protecting it. The Mediator is the aspect that continues after death, soul. The Mediator is the bridge that transports Trinity Energy to my body.

6th depth is wild; it is the desire to be. Its vibration slows down and transforms to 3rd depth. 3rd depth slows down and transforms to 5th depth. 5th depth slows down and transforms to 1st depth…to 2nd depth…to 4th depth…and back to 6th depth.

3rd depth is our activity; SELS 16-22; blood essence

5th depth is our spiritual inheritance, body function energy, 144,000 energy flow patterns; SELS 24-26; bone

1st depth is the depth that builds our “container”; SELS 1-4; superficial tissue

2nd depth is the depth that brings together body, mind, spirit; SELS 5-15; deep tissue

4th depth is our personal destiny; SELS 23; muscle

6th depth is where 4th depth returns.

I wonder what Pooh-Bear would have to say about this?

“From Winter into Spring Commences”

This morning I took my Main Central Newsletter dated Number 16, Spring 1997, with every good intention of reviewing Safety Energy Lock 13. However, my eye caught an article submitted by Cynthia Lenssen entitled “From Winter into Spring Commences”.
It is quite lovely.
Here is a portion of that article:

“As the universe opens, fully see it, and it will open up a new faculty of the Soul, of Me.”-Mary Burmeister

In a study group one evening, Muriel Carlton opened my mind to what we would perceive if we were able to SEE the body as it truly IS: not simply flesh and bone, nor the stylized lines symbolizing flows in the texts, but dynamic swirling, eddying, sheathing showers and rivers and pools of color and sound and light. The hill where I stand facing East this morning offers a view of San Francisco, Oakland, Stanford, the Bay; and to the West are the rolling hills, the forest and an expanse of ocean. This place surrounds me with the magnificent relationships of the depths as ‘individualized’ cycles of days and seasons unfold, offering clues to the mysterious relationships within, of which the pulses whisper.

Straddling the sights and sounds of city and wilderness, I seek here keys to understanding the harmonizing flow between humanity’s manifestations and source. “In the unconditional love of the Creator, there is an immediate remedy in nature for every ailment of human beings.” – Mary Burmeister

Thank you, Cynthia.
Thank you, Mary.

The full text is available at

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

From the Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter (SEL 12:4)

Today Waltraud Riegger-Krause shares about Safety Energy Lock 12 (from issue Number 15, Winter 1996/97-full text available at

12 means surrender, submission of my will to the guidance of Divine Will. 12 is Pisces, and Pisces is the demand for total dissolution, the transcendence of personal self to universal SELF.

We have to see the 12 in relationship to 10 and 11. 10 is the abundance that follows, having fulfilled 1-9. It is the inner abundance of joy and blissfulness. 11 demands that we let go of the unnecessary. It then brings us into balance (the picture of Libra, Justice, total detachment). Only then can we submit our will to the guidance of the Divine Will, only when we’ve gotten rid of that unnecessary baggage. Then the 12 is empty, the neck is slim.

Mary gave us the 11/12 Flow. This shows again that we need a clear 11 for a clear 12. And didn’t Mary mention in a class that the 11, 12, 4 and 3 Flow was one of the flows that brought her from a believing student to a knowing student?

If the 12 is full (we can see this oftentimes on people with a very thick neck), we will blindly run with the “head through the wall”, as we say in Germany. We get stubborn, pigheaded, stiff-necked; and worse, it will lead us to violence or mental disorientation. We no longer see the Creator who guides us.

I see 12 also in relation to 14. 12 is Thy will; 14 is my will. Through Thy will I can harmonize my will. No effort to harmonize my will is necessary, but just simply focus on Thy will and everything will be harmonized.

Thank you, Waltraud.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

I’m thinking about…

Einstein’s 4th dimension.

I will share the following with you while we are in time-space/space-time:

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood


“Greetings Dear Ones,
We are the High Council of Orion.
Today’s topic is TIME, for time is getting very unusual on your planet, or we should say, your experience of time is getting very unusual on your planet at this time. For how many of you have felt like a day has gone by in an instant, where you look at the clock and you can’t believe it’s mid afternoon, for you feel like you just got up and maybe two things have been accomplished or completed or done, and it feels like the end of your day already.
And then there are other times where the moments seem to string on for infinity, and you wish they would end and yet the clock seems as if it has stopped moving. You are all experiencing the breakdown of time in your reality.
Our suggestion is instead of trying to hang onto it as if it is a static thing just like the mountains around you, you might view as static or the planet you’re living on as static, in that you can always count on it to be a certain way. What we encourage you to understand is that as you’re moving to these next dimensions as the planet itself is shifting, the knowns that you have in your life are shifting and changing with that.
So instead of trying to grasp on to time as if it will act the way it did five years, 10 years, or when you were young ago, allow yourself to be in observation about the time, allow yourself to not have judgment about the time. Open your mind to even say “Isn’t it interesting how time is shifting and changing in such a way, that I don’t even know how to predict it anymore.”
Many of you know that in the realm beyond your third dimension, time and space don’t exist. So as you are transitioning to new dimensions would it make sense that time and space would seem to be shifting and changing?
Kind of exciting isn’t it!!
What you’re seeing is evidence of shifts and changes, so instead of feeling frustrated by time, in that it’s working against you for some reason, play a game with it, be lighthearted about your perception of time these days.
Stop trying to hook it to productivity and results and the way you’ve always done, like I’m working for eight hours a day and in this day I need to get these things done, and you feel thwarted by time. We encourage you, instead of moving to the energy of feeling betrayed or thwarted by time, say “Oh my goodness look at time is changing, this is evidence of our change on the planet!”
It’s exciting!!!!
As you do that your human expectations of what life will be and what you “Can accomplish,” will shift and change. For your not trying to hold time static, the truth is in this time of Ascension, in this time of shifts and changes on the planet, this would be one of the things you want to see changing.
Maybe you can even ask yourself, I see time changing, so what can change about my perception of time? For it will not behave the way it has in the years in the decades prior to now. Celebrate your awareness of the shift, celebrate the shift in your dimensional reality, that you observe through your experience of time.
Be Blessed.
We are the High Council of Orion.”

© 2013 Copyright Soul Genesis
This channeled message may be reproduced in it’s entirety provided it is kept in it’s original form and not altered or changed in any way, with the Author and a link to clearly displayed as shown below.
Author: Holly Hawkins Marwood

And I’ll add: Isn’t it awesome that we have angels, spirit guides and others who help us learn what we need to learn…this time around?

From the Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter (SEL 12:3)

Today we’ll read more of what Susan Brooks shared about her experience of Safety Energy Lock 12 in issue Number 15, Winter 1996/97:

12 helps all of the depths of our being. On the level of the Order of Creation, 12 is a 1st Depth helper as it lives by the cervical area of the neck where 1st Depth enters on the spine. As a 2nd Depth Safety Energy Lock, 12 helps to build the body.

Harmonized by the middle finger, 12 helps all 3rd Depth functions. As a 4th Depth harmonizer, 12 is part of the circulation pathway for the Bladder Function energy, traveling through the neck, back and back of the leg. Additionally, the 12s living close to the spine are Kidney Function assistants, allowing cords of tension to dissolve along the back as well as to strengthen the reproductive system. On the vertebral harmonizing dimension, center 12 is a 5th Depth helper, contracting the veins of the heart. As a 6th Depth harmonizer, 12 brings warmth and harmony to all of our relationships through its importance in the self-help Umbilicus Flow. Level with the fourth cervical vertebra, represented by the Sun and the 7th Depth, the center 12 sends sunshine to your soul, beckoning the spark of light for new life necessary for conception to those wanting to become pregnant. For bringing more light into our lives, simply hold the center 12.

12s help a number of functions in the body. For the low back, hold the 12s and feel the tension melt away. During pregnancy, due to excess weight in the front of the body, it is not uncommon to experience low back pain. Simply hold the 12 opposite the back pain and watch the pain disappear. To eliminate fatigue from everyday stress and tension (due to below the waist congestion), cross the hands and hold the 12s. For hangovers from excess consumption of alcohol or sugar, place the right hand over the left shoulder with the palm of the hand on the left 12 and the fingers pointing to the feet. For hiccoughs, find the little notch in front of the 12s below the ears (this works well even with babies in utero that have hiccoughs!)

Disharmonized 12s bring us a sense of unevenness in temperament, instability and excitability. When out of Cosmic rhythm, the 12s lead us to impose our will over God’s will, becoming headstrong, choosing not to listen, needing to be right and in control. With open 12s, we are receiving the inspiration of the Creator and expressing it through actions of love and peace.

Harmonized 12s allow us to be good natured, well-adjusted and unbiased with a sense of inner calm, courage and wisdom.

When 12s are in tune, we surrender our personal desires for the good of all.

Thank you, Susan.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings