Jed Schwartz on SEL 13

Jed Schwartz completes our study of Safety Energy Lock 13 in issue Number 16, Spring 1997 with his experience of SEL 13:

Safety Energy Lock 13 speaks to me of love, my heart open and flowing, allowing my true spirit to come forth and radiate out to all.

Mary has shared with us that 13 means “Love thine enemies”.

In the New Testament, Matthew 5:43-46 and Luke 6:27-35 both state that it is easy to love those that love us but true love is when we can love those that don’t treat us kindly. If we truly love, then there really isn’t any enemy, but we in fact become one with love and each other. When looking at the enemy from within, we are talking about loving and accepting ourselves so we can be reborn and transformed.

The 13th Tarot card – Death – symbolized by a skeleton armed with a scythe is not telling us just of physical death but of this transformation and change. When we “Love thine enemies” or love the true self, we can, as Mary says, “Be the fountain, not the reservoir”. With love we experience the flow and movement of energy giving us health.

Often when sharing a 13 flow with someone stuck in the bust area, suddenly and miraculously the iceberg of the enemy within begins the thaw, and tears begin to flow, melting away the pain of stuck energy. Our frozen heart begins to radiate love, and the radiance of the spirit with the realization of the Creator within begins to shine. The 13 flow is so powerful it can, as Mary always said, be used all the time for everything.

Thirteen is our fertility specialist, that which gives us the energy to reproduce. Large Intestine, Small Intestine, and Umbilicus energy pathways cross through 13, giving input to what will energize the regeneration of our cells and the generation of our progeny.

Thirteen as “fertility” is also about abundance and fruitfulness. Numerous couples I have worked with have been able to have children through the opening of 13. The New York Fertility Clinic has even been referring couples to me as a result.

Thirteen also represents the Goddess, the Mother aspect. It is the “symbol of women and denotes the soul and her reflection of God”. In the ancient religion of the Goddess, a year was composed of 13 lunar months. With the advent of a patriarchal society, the 13-month lunar calendar was dropped for what is now a solar calendar and 13 was given the aura of bad luck.

…full text can be obtained at

Thank you, Jed.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


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