I’m thinking…

…about 13. 13 is my date of birth. That has meaning. I could have been born on the 12th or the 14th. But I was born on the 13th day. My birth numbers total 36, or 9. 9 is the end of a cycle.

I’m thinking about the ocean waves from my JSJ post…unity…oneness.

Well, I think it is time to publish Andy’s “Rogue Wave” once again.

We are here to have an experience in this lifetime.
We are not thrust into a body which enslaves us with pain and disease.
Instead, we created our bodies and our lives for an experience that we have for the purpose of our souls’ growth.
That growth is back to becoming part of the all.

Rogue Waves

A rogue wave is when you have different waves: ocean swells, wind-blown swells and wind-blown chop, where, for a moment in time, the peaks of each line up and create one huge wave. That huge wave then dissolves back into the rest of the ocean. For that single moment, the wave has the illusion of having an identity that is separate from the rest of the waves on the ocean. It is a rogue wave.

Everything in creation is waves. Random waves of energy expanding out into the universe. These waves are creation. If two waves happen to meet up for a moment and share the same frequency of oscillation (vibration), they swim along and say, “Hey! Look at us!” Then other waves join and band together until the group of waves takes on its own identity and says, “Hey! Look at me!” The “me” is our soul. When the excitement wears off, the group of waves starts to feel like it is separate from the “all” because they have the illusion of being “me” instead of part of the “all”. And the “all” is love.

The group of waves feels like it is disconnected from the love and feels like it is out of the group; like being kicked out of their parent’s house…like they are unworthy of being loved. They long to feel the feeling of being bathed in the love of the “all” but can’t understand why they cannot feel that way again. It was so recently they knew that feeling, they remember how it felt and yearn to feel that feeling again. But the soul would have to give up the concept of “me” and dissolve back into the “all” again, just like the rogue wave has to do. This, I believe, is what is known as “going to heaven”.

We live with the suffering feeling that love is being withheld from us. So the soul sets off on its own, like anyone who has been thrown out of their parent’s house, to have their own experience and try to escape the pain of feeling abandoned.

The soul has to be able to get past the pain of feeling like it is separate from the “all” in order to recognize that it is really part of the “all”, that it is really just an illusion that it is separate. Because all it is, is a group of waves…and the waves are the “all”…that are swimming together. So, as creation would have it, the situation has been set up: LIFE. So that the soul can have experiences that allow it to experience suffering so that it can more deeply recognize its own suffering. By feeling the connection to its own suffering, it recognizes that all the other souls around it are feeling the same thing and build its connection to the other souls as it builds a deeper connection to itself. This allows the souls to look beyond themselves and help their fellow souls find the love and connection that they yearn for.

As you become more sensitive to the suffering of the other souls, you become more aware of the suffering that you are feeling and that makes it more approachable. Our connection to the other souls allows us to feel like we are not separate, but really connected together on many levels. This awareness allows us to see that we are not really different from the trees or mountains, they just move slower! Through this realization we come to know that we are not separate, but have always been a part of the “all”, even when we are formed into a clump of waves known as a “soul”.

John Andrew Witt, DC
Network Center for Healing and Wellness


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