“From Winter into Spring Commences”

This morning I took my Main Central Newsletter dated Number 16, Spring 1997, with every good intention of reviewing Safety Energy Lock 13. However, my eye caught an article submitted by Cynthia Lenssen entitled “From Winter into Spring Commences”.
It is quite lovely.
Here is a portion of that article:

“As the universe opens, fully see it, and it will open up a new faculty of the Soul, of Me.”-Mary Burmeister

In a study group one evening, Muriel Carlton opened my mind to what we would perceive if we were able to SEE the body as it truly IS: not simply flesh and bone, nor the stylized lines symbolizing flows in the texts, but dynamic swirling, eddying, sheathing showers and rivers and pools of color and sound and light. The hill where I stand facing East this morning offers a view of San Francisco, Oakland, Stanford, the Bay; and to the West are the rolling hills, the forest and an expanse of ocean. This place surrounds me with the magnificent relationships of the depths as ‘individualized’ cycles of days and seasons unfold, offering clues to the mysterious relationships within, of which the pulses whisper.

Straddling the sights and sounds of city and wilderness, I seek here keys to understanding the harmonizing flow between humanity’s manifestations and source. “In the unconditional love of the Creator, there is an immediate remedy in nature for every ailment of human beings.” – Mary Burmeister

Thank you, Cynthia.
Thank you, Mary.

The full text is available at http://www.jsjinc.net

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


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