Mary said, “whispering the secrets”…

A fellow student asked the questions:

When I have my hands on someone’s body listening to their 2’s and 1’s for example I am feeling their individual pulse… right?
When I’m doing the hand mudras am I feeling my individual pulse or the universal pulse… also holding my own fingers and toes, is that my individual pulse I’m feeling or is it the universal pulse that runs through my (jumper cables) fingers and hands/toes feet?
Or is it the individualized pulse you start listening to in order to see which depth it’s caught in and then when it releases from that depth and spirals down through all of the depths and then back up again it is now in harmony with the universal pulse?

I think that it is a GREAT question. For 8 years I believed I never heard pulses but only felt hot or cold and movement between my jumper-cable hands. Then I found out that I was actually hearing pulses all along and simply thought they were mine!

Amy Ferstl (among other students) responded and her answer so resonated with me I asked (and received) permission to print her response:

“Essentially, we’re all in this together, truly, WE is ONE. When I offer a Jin Shin Jyutsu session to another or BE the Self-Help, I believe it’s mostly about listening and then remembering that Unity. And because I know that I am a part of all that I have met (yet may have forgotten), the ONE or Source is always present and as Mary said “whispering the secrets” in that listening, so I’m not the doer– I’m the listener. Just as everything is connected in this physical body, so too, are we all connected. I remember a 24-ing revelation– that if one truly had their 24’s open and flowing uninhibited, everywhere they walked an essence of peace would pervade, harmonizing the apparent chaos. So IT IS with each of the messages of these Divine helpers, our Safety Energy Locks. So IT IS with the Trinity and all the flows. We become the quiet testimony by offering our hands and attention, by listening to the ONE-ness that IS Now.”

Thank you, Amy.

By the way, my dear friend and fellow student suggested I try listening to the pulse of a tree to help recognize what my hands are “hearing”. It works! So…thank you, Bara.


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