From the Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter (SEL 12:3)

Today we’ll read more of what Susan Brooks shared about her experience of Safety Energy Lock 12 in issue Number 15, Winter 1996/97:

12 helps all of the depths of our being. On the level of the Order of Creation, 12 is a 1st Depth helper as it lives by the cervical area of the neck where 1st Depth enters on the spine. As a 2nd Depth Safety Energy Lock, 12 helps to build the body.

Harmonized by the middle finger, 12 helps all 3rd Depth functions. As a 4th Depth harmonizer, 12 is part of the circulation pathway for the Bladder Function energy, traveling through the neck, back and back of the leg. Additionally, the 12s living close to the spine are Kidney Function assistants, allowing cords of tension to dissolve along the back as well as to strengthen the reproductive system. On the vertebral harmonizing dimension, center 12 is a 5th Depth helper, contracting the veins of the heart. As a 6th Depth harmonizer, 12 brings warmth and harmony to all of our relationships through its importance in the self-help Umbilicus Flow. Level with the fourth cervical vertebra, represented by the Sun and the 7th Depth, the center 12 sends sunshine to your soul, beckoning the spark of light for new life necessary for conception to those wanting to become pregnant. For bringing more light into our lives, simply hold the center 12.

12s help a number of functions in the body. For the low back, hold the 12s and feel the tension melt away. During pregnancy, due to excess weight in the front of the body, it is not uncommon to experience low back pain. Simply hold the 12 opposite the back pain and watch the pain disappear. To eliminate fatigue from everyday stress and tension (due to below the waist congestion), cross the hands and hold the 12s. For hangovers from excess consumption of alcohol or sugar, place the right hand over the left shoulder with the palm of the hand on the left 12 and the fingers pointing to the feet. For hiccoughs, find the little notch in front of the 12s below the ears (this works well even with babies in utero that have hiccoughs!)

Disharmonized 12s bring us a sense of unevenness in temperament, instability and excitability. When out of Cosmic rhythm, the 12s lead us to impose our will over God’s will, becoming headstrong, choosing not to listen, needing to be right and in control. With open 12s, we are receiving the inspiration of the Creator and expressing it through actions of love and peace.

Harmonized 12s allow us to be good natured, well-adjusted and unbiased with a sense of inner calm, courage and wisdom.

When 12s are in tune, we surrender our personal desires for the good of all.

Thank you, Susan.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


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