From the Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter (SEL 12:2)

Here is what Susan Brooks has to say about Safety Energy Lock 12 in issue Number 15, Winter 1996/97:

In Helene’s book, The Sacred Science of Numbers, 12 represents expansion, extension, elevation, and liberation from limitation of form. 12 is the masculine principle of 1 combined with the feminine intuitive 2 acting to bring spirit into form. 12 is part of a trinity with the 4 and 11, allowing the manifesting of spirit into form. Combining the exhalation of 1 and inhalation of 2, 12 is a 3 – the balancer of the Breath, the Door swinging open to release and receive. As a 3, 12 governs our desire to attain at-one-ment with Spirit, Mind and Body. 12 dissolves My Will into Thy Will, willfulness into willingness, allowing us to live without stubborn and temperamental states of being, to live in the present. Surrendering our personal consciousness to that of the Universal Mind, 12 brings us an understanding of Conscious Immortality.

12 is the key for unlocking the waistline, representing Man, residing between Heaven and Earth. 12 allows us to set the inspiration of the Creator into action. As a helper for the waistline, 12 assists digestive functions, eyes and joints. As a 9 and 23 helper, 12s allow us to clean the slate and begin anew with patience and tolerance.

12 out of sync with Cosmic rhythm relates to our ego. The left 12 represents anger toward others and outwardly destructive thoughts, whereas the right 12 pertains to self-abuse and feeling of depression. The left 12 is in need when we externalize our emotions and behavior, acting outwardly destructive. Mary has said that if we were to visit prisons we would most likely find the prisoners’ left 12s in need. When we internalize our mental and emotional stresses, the right 12 becomes out of harmony. Mary has also commented that if we were to go to mental institutions, we would tend to find individuals whose right 12x would be in need.

Susan has a lot more to say about SEL 12, so I’ll stop here and we’ll read what she has to say next time.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


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