The Magic Flute of Jin Shin Jyutsu

I intended to move on to Safety Energy Lock 12, but as I was putting issue Number 14, Autumn 1996 away (in its proper place) I glanced at the back page. I have to share what I saw there as contributed by Matthias Roth:

The Magic Flute of Jin Shin Jyutsu
“Before we made music, music made us.” – Mary Burmeister

As Mary taught us the eight-step version of the self-help Main Central, she used to give us the musical notes corresponding to each step of the flow: C on the pubes, D above the navel, E at the base of the sternum, G above the sternum, A on the forehead, B at the top of the skull and high C above the head. Except for B flat sticking out at the tip of the nose, here they were, note after note from bottom to top like on the recorder I used to play as a child. Every note of the scale on the body and the higher octave of C above it.

I don’t know musical therapy but this picture always told me that here was a flow to attune my being “full scale”. And it reminds me of the mysterious flute introduced in Mozart’s opera:
“This magic flute will protect you, support you in greatest misfortune. With it you can deal mightily, transform the sorrows of mankind…”

Through its sound wild animals can feel joy (the art of happiness), and hostility turns to friendship (the art of benevolence). It is no ordinary instrument. As in so many of mankind’s myths, music (vibration), skillfully produced through a worthy instrument, becomes the source of fine inner attunement, bringing inner and outer harmony, even changing the world and the course of events.

And isn’t this the description of the Main Central? As the One Energy Source, it brings harmony at all levels, as within, so without. As the Fire Element, it brings Self-Consciousness, uprightness and will. As the blueprint of all that I am, was and will be, it brings unlimited possibilities of change and growth. As the anatomical sphinx, it demystifies miracle healings. As the Breath of Life, it is absolute freedom.

We have many wonderful ways to harmonize the Main Central, each version equally valuable. Among them, I cherish this eight-step magic flute as I remember Mozart:
“Oh! Such a flute is more precious than gold or crowns, for by its power will human happiness and contentment be increased.”

Thank you, Matthias.

…this issue, as with all issues of the Main Central Newsletter, is available at

An earlier post set forth the creation story of “No-Thing”. It is helpful here and it will probably be useful to readers if it is close at hand, so I will create another reference category for your convenience.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


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