From the Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter (SEL 11:3)

Matthias Roth shares the following about his experience of Safety Energy Lock 11 as we finish looking at issue Number 14, Autumn 1996:

Out of the richness of 10, you become 11. Out of the richness of 10, who would want to hold on? The limitless life power pouring through 10 enables you to unload the excess. And this is all we ever want to do with any Safety Energy Lock: DROP EXCESS BAGGAGE!

Thus 11 becomes the hub of all Safety Energy Locks, as here we learn to BE Jin Shin Jyutsu: nothing to fight for, nothing to fight against – simply drop tension and make room for harmony.

11 is 10 plus 1. 11 is made up of ones. The overflowing abundance of 10 allows us to “augment and amplify” the letting go of 1. (“11 augments and amplifies the power of 1,” says Mary.)

Augment oneness? Amplify unity? 11 is justice, Libra. Beyond comparing, beyond competing, 11 dissolves the need to be “right”, the need for a solid, one-dimensional truth. “Turn your back on mankind’s ways and go forward”; no judging, no being judged, nothing good and nothing bad, the first step towards “it is as it is”. No chip on your shoulder, no one looking over your shoulder, no tensions in your shoulder. As you hold your index finger and harmonize fear and 5 and 8 and 10, you gather the courage to leave the land of “must” and “ought to” to enter the realm of “perhaps”.

From 1 to 11, Mary told us, you take your medication and have your operations. Then, from 11 to 22, you still use some of the “hard” methods while gaining confidence in intuition and starting to feel at home in the “softer” methods. SEL 11 is a threshold, a threshold of consciousness, a turning point, belonging, as thresholds do, to both rooms that it lies between.

Upside down. Downside up. SEL 11 is Libra – and here you might want to look at the bladder flow – goes down where all go up, sees balance where all see problems. Libra knows no fear and therefore teaches us unorthodox things; that to go up, we must first go down (SEL 11 & 15 to clear the back); that to go down, we must first go up (SEL 11 & 25 to clear the front).

Hence, if you let SEL 11 be your teacher you first learn to go against the stream when needed. Then you unlearn to care about how others act or what they think about you. And when at last you just forget to care about what you think of yourself, you are the freedom that SEL 11 holds in stock for you.

Be brave.
Be tired of old baggage.
Be Unload.

Thank you, Matthias.

…full text is available at

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


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