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Matthias Roth on SEL 14

Matthias Roth shares his experience of Safety Energy Lock 14 in the Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter Number 17, Summer 1997:

14 is Man. It is the mind.

“In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth.”

Heaven, 13, is created first. Then Earth, 15. At last, Man, 14. So it is in the order of Creation, the manifesting: first the surface flows, meeting at central 13, are created. Then the deep flows, meeting at central 15. The last to enter the realm of manifestation is Man, the middle flows, with central 14 as a meeting place.

In the unmanifest, Creator worked up to this. A to M (1-13) is His own story. N-Z (14-26) is the story of Man. 14, the mind, stands at the beginning of our story. It is the source of all bondage and the source of all liberation. Look at what the mind inherits from Creator: He begins His story as One, Prime Mover. He ends it on a powerful Thirteen, Love thine enemies. He says – see that all is one!

Now it is up to man. At the waistline, man’s horizon: how broad will it be? Will he make it a meeting place or a dividing line between the heavens and the earth? At the waistline, fourteen lives as man’s free will. At the waistline, it lives as Sagittarius, feet firmly rooted to the ground (body), eyes and arrow (vision and intention) turned upward (to spirit). This perfect Man between the heavens and the earth is equilibrium – the tightrope walk between the worlds of matter and of spirit. This perfect poise means sustenance, the mysterious capacity to feel nourished and sustained from both worlds.

Between the fourteen’s lies the solar plexus as gateway to the “solar ethers” – the Seventh Depth. Between the fourteen’s lies the stomach, receptacle for our physical foods. With a tight 14 we will feel lacking in the solar plexus and the stomach, and will stuff the latter to appease the former. Worldly stresses, Mary tells us, are harmonized by 14. Keeping up with the Jones’, greed for power and possessions – what are these but feelings of not being connected to the Universal Source?

A full 14 makes for a full head. Food for thought! We are reminded that digestion begins in the head. Thoughts for food. A full stomach makes thinking difficult, but a full head makes digestion impossible.

In Mark 7:14(!)-16, the importance of 14 is well explained: “Hear me, all of you, and understand: there is nothing outside a man which by going into him can defile him; but the things which come out of a man are what defile him.” No food or thought that goes into us can make us ill or “impure”. How it comes out, i.e., how we digest it, is “the proof of the pudding”.

In fourteen, man digests and understands. 14 is the quintessential picture of man: when in harmony, he connects the dimensions; when out of balance, he cuts them off. Then life becomes a snoring nightmare. Your position and your bare subsistence start giving you a headache until they have you on your knees. What used to be so soft and round is just becoming fat and heavy.

Be “hold your right finger”, and loose the ties of negativity and of attachment that make you blind to the perfection that you are. Have you discovered fourteen-symptoms? Or “arrow” – routes to freedom…

…full text available at

Thank you, Matthias.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


I’m thinking about…


Elizabeth Ann
Said to her Nan:
“Please will you tell me how God began?
Somebody must have made Him. So
Who could it be, ‘cos I want to know?”
And Nurse said, “Well!”
And Ann said, “Well?
I know you know, and I wish you’d tell.”
And Nurse took pins from her mouth, and said,
“Now then, darling, it’s time for bed.”

Elizabeth Ann
Had a wonderful plan:
She would run round the world till she found a man
Who knew exactly how God began.

She got up early, she dressed, and ran
Trying to find an Important Man.
She ran to London and knocked at the door
Of the Lord High Doodelum’s coach-and-four.
“Please, sir (if there’s anyone in),
However-and-ever did God begin?”

The Lord High Doodelum lay in bed,
But out of the window, large and red,
Came the Lord High Coachman’s face instead.
And the Lord High Coachman laughed and said:
“Well, what put that in your quaint little head?”

Elizabeth Ann went home again
And took from the ottoman Jennifer Jane.
“Jenniferjane,” said Elizabeth Ann,
“Tell me at once how God began.”
And Jane, who didn’t much care for speaking,
Replied in her usual way by squeaking.

What did it mean? Well, to be quite candid,
I don’t know, but Elizabeth Ann did.
Elizabeth Ann said softly, “Oh!
Thank you, Jennifer. Now I know.”


Now We Are Six by A. A. Milne
ISBN 0-525-44446-7

Lynne Pflueger on SEL 14

Lynne Pflueger shares her experience of Safety Energy Lock 14 in the Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 17 from the Summer of 1997:

Fourteen is Sustenance and Equilibrium speaking to us on the pulse level as Stomach Function Energy and Gall Bladder Function Energy. Stomach digests that which we ingest through the mouth and gall bladder that which we ingest through the eyes. There are many forms of sustenance.

“Man lives upon life. Some parts are nourished by the sun, the influence of the stars, the energy in the atmosphere, and also invisible fountains of nutrition by which the mind and spirit are nourished.” – Mary Burmeister.

Fourteen is also Intelligence of Probation. This means that we learn and reach moderation and equilibrium through experience. Knowing is a word used frequently in Jin Shin Jyutsu. For example, Now Know Myself, or the Art of the Creator through Compassionate (Knowing) Man. To KNOW is to develop certainty through experience.

Fourteen is Vibration. Therefore according to the vibration of each of our 14’s we will attract experiences to digest and to teach us as we walk step by step through our lives. Vibration can be managed through mental control. Where is our focus? Are we competing, comparing, focused on worldly desires, frustrated that wishes are not granted or worried that dreams will not come to fruition? Or are we using our minds as they are intended, to be a receiver, our link to the Creator?

Albert Einstein said, “I only want to know the thoughts of God; the rest are details.” Each experience is a valuable step in the evolution of understanding. Dr. Paul Foster Case, in The Tarot: A Key to the Wisdom of the Ages states as follows: “We do nothing of ourselves. The Holy Guardian Angel makes all the tests and trials which lead us along the path of attainment. Know this, but act as if you were making the tests yourself. The only correction necessary is the intellectual correction. For practical purposes, he wise man acts just as if he were doing things ‘on his own’. He KNOWS better, that’s all.” Every life experience then is perfect. There is no judgment.

On the physical plan my thoughts go to nutrition in the form of food. Are first depth worries leading me to start the morning with something sugary to sweeten my day? Or are third depth frustrations and anger leading me to a large dollop of butter to ensure a smooth day? Will I eat too much, reflecting worries that life is a glass that is half empty? The nutrition I seek is simply a reflection of my attitudes. The nutrition I attract is simply a reflection of my attitudes. By jumper cabling thumb, worries are transmuted into trust, just as holding middle finger transforms frustration and control into surrender.

Sweetness comes from within not requiring sugar from without.

Surrender does not require the extra measure of fat to ensure sooth functioning of the mind and body.

In all of life, there is nothing but vibration.

Fourteen stands between heaven and earth. Understanding through experience will allow spirit to descend into matter and life will truly be heaven on earth.

…complete text is available at

Thank you, Lynne.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

I’m thinking…

…about my posts today in “All About Mary” and “Jin Shin Jyutsu”.

It is my experience and observation that it is not always easy to love those that love us.
Those darn 7 deadly sins in my nature!
That so difficult word: “unconditional”!

Family, friend or foe…it’s all about me until I have a spiritual awakening that it is not all about me at all!

After more than half a century of space-time, I understand life is about love and service to all who have life.

Since the little atom in the rock has energetic movement just as plants, animals, fish, birds, insects, people…everything has “life”, it behooves me to love and serve all creation.

“Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize we cannot eat money.” – Cree Indian saying

“When The Power of Love Overcomes the Love of Power Then the World Will Know Peace.” – Jimi Hendrix

“The greatest weakness of most humans is their hesitancy to tell others how much they love them while they’re still alive.” – O. A. Battista, scientist and writer

Guess I’ll be the fountain today…

Jed Schwartz on SEL 13

Jed Schwartz completes our study of Safety Energy Lock 13 in issue Number 16, Spring 1997 with his experience of SEL 13:

Safety Energy Lock 13 speaks to me of love, my heart open and flowing, allowing my true spirit to come forth and radiate out to all.

Mary has shared with us that 13 means “Love thine enemies”.

In the New Testament, Matthew 5:43-46 and Luke 6:27-35 both state that it is easy to love those that love us but true love is when we can love those that don’t treat us kindly. If we truly love, then there really isn’t any enemy, but we in fact become one with love and each other. When looking at the enemy from within, we are talking about loving and accepting ourselves so we can be reborn and transformed.

The 13th Tarot card – Death – symbolized by a skeleton armed with a scythe is not telling us just of physical death but of this transformation and change. When we “Love thine enemies” or love the true self, we can, as Mary says, “Be the fountain, not the reservoir”. With love we experience the flow and movement of energy giving us health.

Often when sharing a 13 flow with someone stuck in the bust area, suddenly and miraculously the iceberg of the enemy within begins the thaw, and tears begin to flow, melting away the pain of stuck energy. Our frozen heart begins to radiate love, and the radiance of the spirit with the realization of the Creator within begins to shine. The 13 flow is so powerful it can, as Mary always said, be used all the time for everything.

Thirteen is our fertility specialist, that which gives us the energy to reproduce. Large Intestine, Small Intestine, and Umbilicus energy pathways cross through 13, giving input to what will energize the regeneration of our cells and the generation of our progeny.

Thirteen as “fertility” is also about abundance and fruitfulness. Numerous couples I have worked with have been able to have children through the opening of 13. The New York Fertility Clinic has even been referring couples to me as a result.

Thirteen also represents the Goddess, the Mother aspect. It is the “symbol of women and denotes the soul and her reflection of God”. In the ancient religion of the Goddess, a year was composed of 13 lunar months. With the advent of a patriarchal society, the 13-month lunar calendar was dropped for what is now a solar calendar and 13 was given the aura of bad luck.

…full text can be obtained at

Thank you, Jed.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

I’m thinking…

…about 13. 13 is my date of birth. That has meaning. I could have been born on the 12th or the 14th. But I was born on the 13th day. My birth numbers total 36, or 9. 9 is the end of a cycle.

I’m thinking about the ocean waves from my JSJ post…unity…oneness.

Well, I think it is time to publish Andy’s “Rogue Wave” once again.

We are here to have an experience in this lifetime.
We are not thrust into a body which enslaves us with pain and disease.
Instead, we created our bodies and our lives for an experience that we have for the purpose of our souls’ growth.
That growth is back to becoming part of the all.

Rogue Waves

A rogue wave is when you have different waves: ocean swells, wind-blown swells and wind-blown chop, where, for a moment in time, the peaks of each line up and create one huge wave. That huge wave then dissolves back into the rest of the ocean. For that single moment, the wave has the illusion of having an identity that is separate from the rest of the waves on the ocean. It is a rogue wave.

Everything in creation is waves. Random waves of energy expanding out into the universe. These waves are creation. If two waves happen to meet up for a moment and share the same frequency of oscillation (vibration), they swim along and say, “Hey! Look at us!” Then other waves join and band together until the group of waves takes on its own identity and says, “Hey! Look at me!” The “me” is our soul. When the excitement wears off, the group of waves starts to feel like it is separate from the “all” because they have the illusion of being “me” instead of part of the “all”. And the “all” is love.

The group of waves feels like it is disconnected from the love and feels like it is out of the group; like being kicked out of their parent’s house…like they are unworthy of being loved. They long to feel the feeling of being bathed in the love of the “all” but can’t understand why they cannot feel that way again. It was so recently they knew that feeling, they remember how it felt and yearn to feel that feeling again. But the soul would have to give up the concept of “me” and dissolve back into the “all” again, just like the rogue wave has to do. This, I believe, is what is known as “going to heaven”.

We live with the suffering feeling that love is being withheld from us. So the soul sets off on its own, like anyone who has been thrown out of their parent’s house, to have their own experience and try to escape the pain of feeling abandoned.

The soul has to be able to get past the pain of feeling like it is separate from the “all” in order to recognize that it is really part of the “all”, that it is really just an illusion that it is separate. Because all it is, is a group of waves…and the waves are the “all”…that are swimming together. So, as creation would have it, the situation has been set up: LIFE. So that the soul can have experiences that allow it to experience suffering so that it can more deeply recognize its own suffering. By feeling the connection to its own suffering, it recognizes that all the other souls around it are feeling the same thing and build its connection to the other souls as it builds a deeper connection to itself. This allows the souls to look beyond themselves and help their fellow souls find the love and connection that they yearn for.

As you become more sensitive to the suffering of the other souls, you become more aware of the suffering that you are feeling and that makes it more approachable. Our connection to the other souls allows us to feel like we are not separate, but really connected together on many levels. This awareness allows us to see that we are not really different from the trees or mountains, they just move slower! Through this realization we come to know that we are not separate, but have always been a part of the “all”, even when we are formed into a clump of waves known as a “soul”.

John Andrew Witt, DC
Network Center for Healing and Wellness

Matthias Roth on SEL 13

In issue Number 16, Spring 1997, Matthias Roth wrote of his experience of Safety Energy Lock 13:

Opposite ten on the bust line, there is 13.

“Heaven” it is called, or spirit. It is the appetite of soul for something new.

What got you into Heaven is your twelve. “Thy will be done”, you said, and got attuned to the direction of the voice within. “Thy will be done”, you said, and became a surfer on the ocean of life, following the waves smoothly. “Thy will be done” – as you gave up control, the creative powers of thirteen began to unfold within you – an appetite to look beyond duality, no separation. Fertility arises when separation yields to union for a least a moment. 13, made up of 1 for unity and 3 for trinity, leads back to unity through the power of 3. In 1, 2, 3, the “cosmic waltz” melts seeming opposites together into one again. And then it’s “Heaven, I’m in Heaven…” Oh, he must have known about thirteen, heavenly Fred (Astaire)!

The Heaven of imagination: the image that I have of me, my body, my life or of the world can all change. And that will change the form and world that I experience. Such power of transformation and renewing lies in 13. One step further, once renewing has become a habit, 13 turns into my fountain of youth and creativity is second nature. As “love thine enemies”, 13 brings the understanding that inside and outside are the same. Has it occurred to you that there is only one 13 flow, combining right and left? No separation! “Enemies” – be they labels, things or people – are neither good nor bad. They are simply mirrors, they are not separate from me and they stay until I realize, change MYSELF, and I become immune.

At any time, what is not mine will go away. An ancient proverb says, “If you desire to know what your thoughts were yesterday, look at your body today. If you want to know what your body will be tomorrow, look at your thoughts today.” 13 is thought and spirit and changes form.

13 is growth and development and changes life. 13 is CREATOR’S NUMBER, boundless in its applications. It is an appetite for boundlessness. It is Middle Finger.

Thank you, Matthias.

…full text is available at

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings