From the Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter (SEL 10:4)

We finish reviewing Safety Energy Lock 10 as presented by Matthias Roth in issue 11, Summer 1996:

“Number 10 is called the Mother of Soul…
But who needs a 10 where there is everything in number 1! 1, we learned, was the biggest number, oneness, unity – and nothing is greater than that. One day it individualized as Will and Self Consciousness out of the cosmic egg, the 0, the original no-thingness – all there is, was and will be. Now, it pairs up with that great 0 and gives us 10 – what for?

A full cycle is completed. 1 exhaled and brought the energy of generation down from spirit into matter, got us going, started. 9 has finished all things old and left us new, with no dead past upon our backs. But every end is seed to a new beginning, and a ‘new number 1’ is born. 1’s ‘younger cousin’ is at once the same and opposite; the same for they are both unlimited numbers. Opposite because while 1 is born from spirit, 10 is born from matter. 1, born from spirit, lives in matter (earth – below the waist). 10, born from matter, lives in spirit (heaven – above the waist). 1 is at the knee and helps to bend and drop and move. 10, which helps the knee, is in the upper back and helps us rise, receive and flow. As we have finished one cycle descending into matter we are ready to receive abundance in all areas of our existence. Number 10, rich with the harvest of our first cycle, becomes the warehouse of abundance:

Abundance that warms the heart: 10 brings heart function, heart muscle and heart-felt emotions into balance.

Abundance that frees the breath: 10 erases all that hinders breath and Breath – the physical lungs and the abundant receiving of the Breath of Life.

Abundance that clears the voice: 10 helps hoarse voice, loss of voice and to clearly voice who you are, to let the unique expression that you are be heard.

Abundance that opens the eyes: 10 helps nearsightedness, farsightedness and shortsighted views.

This is why we need a 10; out of matter, it becomes the vehicle of the outpouring of limitless life power. Out of matter, out of experience, it becomes the Mother (nurturer) of Soul. No less important than its ‘big cousin’ number 1 that got us started out of spirit, it balances the male and female, generative and regenerative energy in all of us. It brings the boundless liveliness of Jupiter – growth and movement and expansion that are part of all of us.

Did not Mary invite us on day one of class to use the ‘cousins’ 1 and 10 for everything at all, ascending and descending projects? They connect heaven and earth, earth to heaven. And does she not give us the abundance of 4 dynamic flows in Text I around the issue of SEL 10? Abundance is yours for the asking.

And the finger? It would have to be the index. Index is the key to 10 abundance, for fear makes us believe in lack and limitation. Drop fear, be 10 instead!”

Thank you, Matthias.

By the way, Matthias has recorded Self-Help Book I (Introducing Jin Shin Jyutsu Is by Mary Burmeister) on CD. Both the CD and this issue of the Main Central Newsletter are available at

Gasssho, Namaste, Blessings


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