From the Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter (SEL10:3)

Susan Brooks shares her experience of SEL 10 in issue Number 13, Summer 1996:

“Ten is the number of limitless outpouring of energy, our abundant warehouse of energy. The letter “J” is the tenth letter in the alphabet – joyful, jubilant, jovial, and Jupiter bringing us feelings of expansiveness. The tenth month is October – the month of abundant harvest. The tenth thoracic vertebra on the Main Central Level corresponds with the Gall Bladder – the organ which when in harmony brings us the free flowing power of decisions. The tenth sign of the zodiac is Capricorn – the sign of healing power and great vision, which is the ruler of the Umbilicus function – the harmonizer for the three dimensions of our being; spirit, mind and body. In the Book of Genesis in the Bible, it is said, ‘the waters decreased continually until the tenth month; on the first day of that month were the tops of the mountains seen’. Ten brings us this sense of optimism for life.

According to the Sacred Science of Numbers by Corinne Heline ‘Ten is the number from which all things have come and into which all must return. It represents the divine Outbreathing (masculine) and Inbreathing (feminine); it is the power of the dual process of involution and evolution.’ Ten (10) is comprised of the pillar number one (1) – masculine – and 0 – the circle – embodying the feminine energy. Ten, 1 and 0, represents wholeness, balancing the past with the present, left with the right, masculine with the feminine, the power of the generations, our pre-natal energy. One is born from Spirit and Ten from matter. Ten is the higher octave of one. Ten embodies all colors of the spectrum and all tones.

The fifth thoracic vertebra is a harmonizer for SEL 10 – bringing increased vitality to our total being through uplifting the heart function, sending love to each of our 27,000 billion cells.

When we are in a place of overwhelm in our lives, the limitless life force that SEL 10 brings to us is compromised. SEL 10 is the area of resplendent intelligence, strengthening heart function, high blood pressure, colon projects, blood, knees, hips, lungs, shoulder, respiration and voice. In Text I we have three additional ‘ten helpers’ bringing the vitality of ten to our eyes, to enhanced balance, and to the process of breathing.”

…the entire text is available at

Thank you, Susan.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


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