From the Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter (SEL 10:2)

Lynne Pflueger shares her experience of Safety Energy Lock 10 from issue Number 13, Summer 1996:

“Nine is man. Nine and one together reveal God in man”. This statement is from
The Sacred Science of Numbers
by Corinne Heline. SEL 10 means the outpouring of limitless life power, abundance and brilliance.

With the help of a dictionary I probed the meaning of these words. Limitless means without bounds, infinite. Power pertains to the ability to act, effectiveness and potency. In theology power refers to an order of angels. Gail Swift taught a self help class in Kansas City this Spring. The class designated SEL 10 as the insertion point of our angel’s wings.

Abundance says there is more than enough of whatever is needed, in fact an overflowing supply. Brilliance connotes radiance, sparkle, luster, great intelligence and keenness. Sparkling diamonds come to my mind’s eye. According to a book titled Healing Stoned, “a diamond is representative of the pure focus of energy emanating from the Father or will aspect of divinity”. Ten is a rich number.

Our local study group generated some questions regarding SEL 10.

What projects come to mind using the SEL 10 flow? In addition to projects listed on page 21 in Text I, I think of the singing voice. One reviewer remarked that Whitney Houston has the voice of an angel, an appropriate description of a harmonized ten. Any time I have read of a cancelled performance due to an ailing voice, I have thought that a ten flow could have altered the situation. Kenny Roger’s voice became quite hoarse for a period of time and I believe he stopped singing temporarily.

Hoarseness is simply a friendly warning to energize SEL 10. Referring to the beginning paragraph, if I perceive the person I am jumper cabling to be lackluster or dull, I will use a ten flow to restore sparkle. Similarly, perceiving poverty on the spiritual or material level, I will use a ten flow to restore wealth of spirit or abundance on the material plane. Perhaps someone else is unable to spread their wings due to a fourth depth limitation. Ten will help harmonize. There is no end to the imagination.

Is the index finger in the lung flow related to the fourth depth? Yes. The index finger harmonizes fear. On the organ flow level index finger is second depth. Looking at the lumbar circle, second depth supports fourth depth. All is in relationship.

What about someone whose right 9’s and 10’s are always full and rocky? This client has a pacemaker in her right shoulder and has been experiencing dizzy spells and is always vigilant for the symptoms. Dizziness flow, 15 flow, Bladder flow and Umbilicus flow are regularly applied.

Patiently applying the left 5, 6, 7, 8 flow will help the right shoulder. The left toe flows will regenerate the right back and chest. In the context of the lumbar circle, identifying heart as the project, Kidney and Spleen are burdening fifth depth (heart). Liver needs help in order to support Heart. The rocky texture indicates second depth. Second depth needs to be harmonized to be able to energize fifth depth. I would use a Breathing flow to help second depth. To simplify, use 11 and 15 on the right to help 9 and 10.

Thank you, Lynne.

full text is available at

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


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