From the Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter (SEL 9:3)

Wayne Hackett shares his experience with Safety Energy Lock 9 as we finish our review from issue Number 12, Spring 1996:

“In the study of Jin Shin Jyutsu, NINE is All-inclusive: all colors, all sounds, all planets and all numbers are embraced and expressed in the state of NINE-ness. The Great Teachers tell us that, ‘NINE is where man stands in the last step before restoration with Unity’; and, ‘NINE represents the human being emerging with all power and faculty available’. The gifts of NINE are attainment, fulfillment and completion. NINE is the symbol of Ageless Wisdom. It is the end and the beginning: ending a cycle – beginning anew. For these reasons, Safety Energy Lock 9 is known as the Clear Intelligence; the Overseer; the Humanitarian. It is the first of the seven ‘Universal’ safety energy locks (9, 19, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26). These safety energy locks embody the Sun; the Light; Life itself; and can be utilized for every project of the human being. As the number of the 2nd Depth, NINE fulfills the primary 2nd intention: harmonizing man’s spirit, mind and body dimensions. NINE instills common sense into human nature.

At the level of attitude, NINE releases all possessiveness, the underlying cause of grief and sadness. There can be no loss where there is no attainment. NINE frees man from the past and brings Joy of Being into the present. In the bustline (Awareness; Physio-Philosophy) NINE promotes Dedication to Service and feelings of Humanitarianism. A most important aspect of NINE is the attainment of Discernment; recognition with judgment.

In the waistline (Understanding Physio-Psychology) NINE harmonizes the man-mind (Mercury-my will) in its relationship with the cosmic mind (Neptune-Thy Will Be Done). As an ascending SEL, NINE supports the purifying action of the inhaling Breath of Life and clears the mental process.

In the hipline (Application of technique; Physio-Physiology) NINE supports the body’s elimination of that which is unuseable and completes the digestive cycle.

SEL 9 harmonizes energetic circulation in the same-side limbs (arms and legs), and is especially helpful in releasing ‘stucks’ in the feet. Bunions, corns and callouses are ‘indicators of 9-need’.

Other primary physiological functions related to SEL 9 include: breathing and all respiratory action; digestion; blood creation, distribution and cleansing; vision; and growth, maturation and elimination in all biological processes.

In the alphabet the letter ‘i’ is the 9th letter. Human personality is directly related to the ‘state of being’ of SEL 9. Words which carry the energy of 9 include: LOVE (12+15+22+5=54=9) and KNOW (11+14+15+23=63=9).

To ‘BE 9’ is our inheritance.”

Thank you, Wayne.

You can purchase the entire text at

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


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