From the Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter (SEL 8:2)

Wayne Hackett shares his experience of SEL 8 from the Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter issue Number 11, Winter 1995/96.

Wayne: ” The sacred teachings of mankind, inclusive of all epochs and cultures, have espoused a common TRUTH: As above, so below.

The number EIGHT (8), symbolizes this awareness. In the study of Jin Shin Jyutsu, SEL 8 represents and demonstrates this Action of Creation.

The depiction of 8 as two circles, one above the other, illustrates this understanding. In symbology, the circle refers to SPIRIT; and in the 8, the message is: SPIRIT above, SPIRIT below. In the English alphabet, H is the 8th letter where again, above and below manifest sameness in symbol.

In human beings, SEL 8, located at the head of the fibula (outside back of knee) opens the pelvic girdle, allowing SEL 13, the Creator, to enter and connect waist-up with waist-down, heaven and earth. 8 prepares the earth plane (pelvis) to receive the Breath of Life, which descends from heaven (bustline). This facilitates breathing and all respiratory functions (2nd Depth). And the Fertility Specialist (13) can now provide vitality to the reproductive system and its organs. Further, the role of 8 in freeing the hipline, where SEL 15 lives, supports the circulation of the Deep Flows (4th Depth – Kidney Function Energy and Bladder Function Energy and 5th Depth – Heart Function Energy and Small Intestine Function Energy). The circulation patterns of the Deep Flows, who are responsible for building the endodermal layer of the body, all converge within the area of SEL 15.

Another attribute of 8 is magic, which may be the one word best describing the activity taking place within the 3rd Depth, the period of the beginning and development of life. Indeed, 8 is the 3rd Depth. The blood, having received Life from the Source (6th Depth), then distributes this new vitality to the flesh. Yellow, the color of the 1st depth, is also the color associated with 8.

Through this vibrational commonality, 8 participates in the containment of SPIRIT within matter and supports the skin surface in all of its functions.

Planetarily, SEL 8 aligns with Mercury (as does SEL 1) to initiate and facilitate movement and communication within the body. The 4th Depth is also Mercury-ruled and works with 8 to maintain balance between man’s material and spiritual bodies. Further, this 4th Depth/SEL8 planetary partnership promotes muscular harmony. It relaxes both pelvic and shoulder girdles, allowing freedom in motion (rhythm)l.

In the Zodiac, the 8 is associated with Leo, whose key words are: I WILL. The expression of determination (Will Power) is enhanced in 8.

SEL 8 energizes SEL 9. This frees the waistline where mental and physical digestive processes occur. In this action, 8 assists the assimilation/elimination functions and releases rigidity from mind and body.

Through 8 is the key to all Depths; 8 IS KEY to all dimensions (Spirit, Mind, Body); and SEL 8 can be utilized in totally harmonizing the human experience. In 8 Peace-fullness is realized.

In the 26 Safety Energy Locks of the body, the gifts of 8 are distributed through SEL 8 (body), SEL 17 (mind) and SEL 26 (spirit).

Finally, 8-energy is found in the English language in the following 8-words:
GOD (7+15+4=26=8)
HEAL (8+5+1+12=26=8)
KNEE (11+14+5+5=35=8)
CREATOR (3+18+5+1+20+15+18=80=8)
MYSELF (13+25+19+5+12+6=80=8)
DISNEYLAND – The Magic Kingdom (4+9+19+14+5+25+12+1+14+4=107=8)
JYUTSU (10+25+21+20+19+21=116=8)

BE the MAGIC: BE 8.”

Thank you, Wayne.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


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