From the Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter (SEL 8:1)

The Main Central JSJ Newsletter issue Number 11, Winter 1995/96 shares the experiences of Muriel Carlton and Wayne Hackett with Safety Energy Lock 8. You may remember from the previously published figure, that SEL 8 is on the lateral side of each knee.

Muriel: “As I contemplate the number 8, I become aware that it is the path of all evolutionary cycles. Mary has said that the 8’s connect man with the Creator. As above, so below; as below, so above; connector of heaven above to earth below.

If 8’s are locked, we are stagnant, out of touch with our creativity, unable to receive. We feel powerless to accomplish what motivates us because energy cannot flow through the pelvic girdle.

8’s in harmony will thus harmonize energy flowing through the pelvic girdle, and thus will aid reproductive problems, as well as assimilation/elimination functions, and blood disharmonies. That harmony will also support our physical strength, which is in the sacrum area. Blocked 8’s can result in rigidity and stubbornness, leading us to resist forward movement. Hence, the attitude of fear may become part of our ‘being-ness’.

However, remember that 8 is the cosmic symbol of vitality and unusual power. It is the highest feminine number. It is magic splendor, cosmic freedom. It is perfect intelligence, reminding us that the lowest form of spirit is matter and the highest form of matter is spirit. Therefore, we need never know fear, ‘false evidence appearing real’.

The relationship of the 8’s to the 6th Depth, 3rd Depth and 4th Depth becomes more obvious. Daydream upon the relationship of the 8’s to the supervisor and mediator flow. Through that relationship, see its function as a mind specialist as well as a helper for the energy of the toe flows (Kidney, Liver, Spleen), and as a special helper for muscles and knees – general muscle tension, swollen and painful legs and feet, muscle spasm, and fatigue.

Traditionally, 8’s are used to help release headaches, abdominal distension, lower back problems, urinary incontinence and fear.

The 8’s help release knees and legs, thus bringing us in touch with the little ‘o’, the 15’s. These are the microcosm of the body as the body is the microcosm of the universe, the power of the Creator.

Mary has told us, ‘I alone impose limitations upon myself. I alone an responsible for my being. No focusing on disorders – simply focus “0-26″, the answers to all disorders. Thus, we can obtain a level of discrimination when we observe without attitudes.'”

Thank you, Muriel.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


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