From the Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter (SEL 7:3)

Today we will read about Wayne Hackett’s experiences with Safety Energy Lock 7, from the article in The Main Central, issue Number 10, Autumn 1995. Remember you can purchase this newsletter from Actually, Louanne Ellis has written an interesting article “I Am the World” and there’s a great recipe for Healthy Autumn Soup…and Autumn is JUST around the corner! …and Sara Harper writes “Just Be Yourself”.

Wayne: “The appearance of ‘7’ within man’s BEing signals the fulfillment of a cycle; the exhaling aspect of the Breath of Life has completed the building process in the manifesting body. The location of SEL 7 in the sole of the tip of the big toe supports this function. 7 is perfect creation and total focus. The number of the 5th Depth, 7 IS the action which sustains us as we arise into our spiritual inheritance. the intention and prime directive of the 5th Depth is to BEcome who we are. Through 7, there is no ‘trying to’ be perfect, no ‘trying to’ be good. Effortless Reality IS.

7 operates within the center of the brain where the pineal (masculine), pituitary (feminine) and hypothalamus (mediating balance) reside. These three endocrine glands comprise a trinity dedicated to man’s individual and collective evolution, spiritually, mentally and physically. Our return to The Garden is realized in 7.

Within the 0 – 26 Safety Energy Lock level of Jin Shin Jyutsu, we BE 7 physically (SEL 7), mentally (SEL 16) and spiritually (SEL 25). Physically, within SEL 7, the generation of the material form is completed as the Breath Essence exhales. And within SEL 7, the inhale of Breath Essence begins its regeneration (cleansing) of the flesh. Mentally, within SEL 16 (7), the 3rd Depth commences. Here, perfect life power BEcomes the basis of all human activity. The Diagonal Mediator (The Activating Principle), a primary aspect of the 3rd Depth, blends left brain (masculine, linear and logical thought) and right brain (feminine, spacial and conceptual thought) within man’s mind. Spiritually, within SEL 25 (7), the total BEing is calmly and quietly rejuvenated and regenerated – allowing peaceful relaxation into a happy, healthy expression of life in flesh.

Within the 12 Organ Function Energy level, the 1st Depth (Stomach Function Energy-exhale-and Spleen Function Energy-inhale) terminate and originate, respectively, within SEL 7. The 3rd Depth (Gall Bladder Function Energy-exhale-and Liver Function Energy-inhale) also have their termination and origination here. The 1st Depth (getting us set for manifestation) and the 3rd Depth (period of the beginning and development of life) utilize gifts of 7 in bringing perfect creation to skin surface and blood tissues.

Numerologically, 7 IS the function of 5th Depth and supports the development of bone tissue (perfect skeletal structure through Small Intestine Function Energy-exhale-and Heart Function Energy-inhale). And since 3rd Depth energizes 2nd Depth (deep skin) and 5th depth energizes 4th Depth (muscle), 7 provides all Depths of man’s physical body with benefit (perfect life power-perfect creation) to all tissue layers. Further, 7 (7th Depth-Universal Light) instills the ‘Spark of Life’ into the 6th Depth (Individual Man) and serves as the connection to the Source of All (8th Depth-whose numerological expression and function is 7). This bridge to Source sustains man in an ever-present, unlimited supply of Universal Energy (Love).

Astrologically, 7 is related to Cancerian energy, the sign of nurturing and sensitivity. Planetarily, 7 is the Sun, The Light and Source of Life Essence. Numerologically, the 7th Depth is 11, the Hub of All Life.

Finally, in the word BE (B=2; E=5; 2+5=7) we find a simple, dynamic message regarding the function, nature and attribute of 7. 7 IS BE; BE total focus, BE perfect life power; BE perfect creation. We BE human SEVEN-ings!”

Thank you, Wayne.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


2 thoughts on “From the Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter (SEL 7:3)

  1. debbiebeaton Post author

    E=5 because E is the 5th letter of the alphabet. B=2 and together they make 7!
    Sorry I wasn’t clear on that. So SEL 7 =7 and SEL 16 = 7 because 1+6=7 and SEL 25=7 because 2+5=7. And Joan is J=10, O=15, A=1, N=14 = 40 and 40=4 because 4+0=4.
    So Joan is 4! Thank you for the question…good question. Gassho, Namaste, Blessings.

  2. JJ

    I’m not all that sure why 5=E but when you count be=2 and being=5 they are 7. I love your notes. So much to take in! =)


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