From the Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter (SEL 7:2)

We continue reading about Muriel Carlton’s experiences of SEL 7 in issue Number 10, Autumn 1995…

“Let us look at the number seven and its various relationships to our Be-ing-ness.

Seven is the symbol of divine harmony. Safety Energy Lock 7 tells us that Reality is simple – just have no preferences. Be the no-Worry, no-Fear, no-Anger, no-Sadness or no-Try-to’s. It is the hidden intelligence, the mind specialist, which reminds us, as Mary quotes Socrates, ‘Learning is just remembering.’

SEL 7 connects us from head to toes, and toes to head through its relationship with the 5th Depth. It is in the head on the Main Central Vertical that the master glands of the body, the pineal and pituitary are stimulated. Seven helps us clean out, unload and receive in abundance the purified cosmic energy. Simply drop your shoulders and release all dust, dirt, grease and grime so that we can receive the purified energy (Breath) in abundance: The Victory, the Insight.

Be in the NOW (7) to fully receive the perfect life power in abundance, as the 7 is the bridge which connects to the 8th Depth (Source of all sources) and the 5th Depth (our spiritual inheritance). Allow the hidden intelligence to reveal itself in you. Enjoy. The 7th Depth is the universal light which is giving life to form.

Also, one can become aware of Thoracic Vertebra 7 (diaphragm). The diaphragm regulates the composition of blood. It is the key to the blood itself. Mary has said that all secrets and wisdom of the universe, creation and man’s evolution are hidden within the blood. As you quietly jumper-cable 15/7, feel the tension/stress begin to melt away in the legs, hips, the digestive function and the head. Hold the 7’s (or sides of the big toe nail) feel tantrums disappear; note how it helps anger to dissipate and how a person calms down.

Welcome to Effortless Reality. NOW KNOW MYSELF, BE IT IS, IS.”

Thank you, Muriel.

Next time we will read of Wayne’s experiences with SEL 7.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


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