From the Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter (SEL 7:1)

Today we look at Safety Energy Lock 7.
I love number 7.
I also love numbers 3, 12 and 13.
I LIKE all the numbers and don’t know why I LOVE these 4 numbers, but there you have it!

Philomena, Muriel and Wayne share their experiences of SEL 7 in the Main Central, issue Number 10, Autumn 1995. (Remember you can purchase the full text-with other articles-at

Philomena: “Safety Energy Lock 7 – Perfect Life Power! In the Now Know Myself we see the word NOW is symbolized by the number 7. Now is the eternal beginning, the forever NEW. Life is an abundance, always in the new. It allows us to get rid of our old thoughts and attitudes.

SEL 7 is located on the sole side of the big toe. It is the symbol of the law of vitality and helper to the 8th Depth and 5th Depth. The seat of the 5th Depth is in the head – in the very center of the skull where it receives the greatest protection. We access the 5th Depth by the first step of the Main Central (Universal) Vertical Flow.

The little finger represents 5th Depth on the organ function energy flow level, i.e. small intestine energy flow descending and heart function energy flow ascending. On the Main Central level, the little finger harmonizes the heart, spleen and bladder. The little finger is the harmonizer of the ‘try to’s’ of life. Instead of being in the NOW, we are usually in the ‘try to-ing’. In the NOW we are in the place of NOTHING!

On the organ function energy level, the big toe represents stomach function energy and spleen function energy (1st Depth), the gall bladder function energy and liver function energy (3rd Depth).

NOW we can see how dynamic it is when we hold the big toe and opposite little finger on the alternate finger toe flow.

The location of SEL 7 means that it is an ascending helper, the helper of our regeneration. It allows the energy to flourish upward and outward. Receiving the abundance that is ours to receive – health, wealth and happiness…I am my own limitation…I am my own misery…I am my own joy.

The ascending function energy is to produce, transform, regulate and store the fundamental substances, the energy, the blood and fluids, etc. The ascending function energy is to help repair the rundown body and for all our critical needs.

Many children suck their big toes. They know where their needs are!”

Thanks you, Philomena.

…to be continued…

Just in case you need to see the text again, here are the depths explained:


9th depth is NO-THING
Pure space, void, chaos

8th depth is “•” (the dot; the Creator, SOURCE of all Sources)
The first swirling. ..a vibration of sound and movement
It is the number of Creator Energy, God, magic, jumper cable energy
*= ∞ moves so fast, it denses down to the “eye of God” or the light of
the eye, light of the sun in 7th depth. Light cannot be seen until an
object interrupts it – we are the objects.
8th depth overflows to:

7th depth is THE SUN (energy which continually flows down)
We are the creatures made out of light.
The spark of life happens at 7th depth.

6th depth is From the overflow of 7th depth comes 6th depth gives birth to our unique
expression of the “•”
It is the (capital S) Source. (3rd depth is (little s) source.
It is the Blueprint. It is the breath of life essence
It is the exhale down the front and the inhale up the back. The space
between exhale and inhale is “stillness”.
It then gives birth to the LEFT AND RIGHT MAJOR VERTICAL (Supervisor)
UNIVERSAL HARMONIZING ENERGY and it then gives birth to the LEFT and RIGHT

ENERGY LOCKS. “SELS” are alive; they live and breathe and move.
They are not precise points. Each SEL has a 6 inch diameter.

birth to the 12 “individualized” body function energy and their harmony
is measured through the 5 attitudes: worry, fear, anger, grief, pretense.
The twelve kinds of body function energy circulate continuously throughout
the body twenty-four hours a day, building, repairing and protecting it.
The Mediator is the aspect that continues after death, soul. The Mediator
is the bridge that transports Trinity Energy to my body.

6th depth is wild; it is the desire to be. Its vibration slows down and transforms to 3rd depth. 3rd depth slows down and transforms to 5th depth. 5th depth slows down and transforms to 1st depth…to 2nd depth…to 4th depth…and back to 6th depth.

3rd depth is our activity; SELS 16-22; blood essence

5th depth is our spiritual inheritance, body function energy, 144,000 energy flow patterns,
SELS 24-26; bone

1st depth is the depth that builds our “container”; SELS 1-4; superficial tissue

2nd depth is the depth that brings together body, mind, spirit; SELS 5-15; deep tissue

4th depth is our personal destiny; SELS 23; muscle

6th depth is where 4th depth returns.


1 thought on “From the Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter (SEL 7:1)

  1. JJ

    So profound and wonderful! Not only because I am understanding all of this fully but I also feel I have been flowing steadily from 6 to 3 to 5 to 1 and I am excited for the continuation to transform and overjoy me. Incredible gratitude. And super excitement. Thank you


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