From the Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter (SEL 6:2)

Continuing our study of SEL-6 from the Main Central issue Number 9, Summer 1995, here is Wayne Hackett’s experience of SEL-6:

“I was recently reminded of Mary’s response to the question, ‘What are the positive expressions of the attitudes? – or what is the opposite of worry? of fear? of anger, sadness and trying to?’ She replied, ‘Five is the positive expression of the First Depth; Nine is the positive expression of the Second Depth; Eight is the positive expression of the Third depth; Six is the positive expression of the Fourth Depth; and Seven is the positive expression of the Fifth Depth.’

The message is literal: Where Number IS, there exists no attitude! Number IS Action. Pythagoras tells us, ‘Numbers are mysterious BEINGS who represent the fundamental principles of creation.’ 6 IS Balance, Cosmic Law, Beauty, Peace and Harmony. When in the presence and dignity of 6, fear and insecurity disappear as unveiled illusions.

In human beings, our three dimensions (body, mind, spirit) each benefit through unique expressions of 6. The material body receives physical balance and equilibrium (structural stability) through SEL-6. It’s anatomical location in the center of the sole of the foot facilitates the body’s upright posture and movement upon the earth. Joy and laughter are gifts of the Comedian, SEL-15 (6) to man’s mind. Our mental balance is maintained as 15 washes our heart to bring back the laughter within us. The subconscious is purified and psychological complexities (mental pain) dissolve in the presence of true 15 (6) Happiness. Our spiritual body finds all chaos is harmonized through the action of (SEL) 24 (6), the Peacemaker. Emotions such as jealousy, revenge and stubbornness have no life as 24 (6) releases these destructive energies from our feeling body. If 24 (6) is disabled, conflict arises and we feel the friction of ‘going against the flow of LIFE’. Chaos is conflict – and conflict exists because of extremism. SEL-24 frees our spirit from the bondage of emotional polarization.

Our world is in the midst of a ‘6 – Balancing’ year. (this is from the Summer 1995 issue) We have the opportunity of reexamining our position – our relationship – within every area of LIFE. Are we in ‘6’ individually and collectively, nationally and internationally, socially, politically, economically, ecologically? The Law of the Universe (6) IS to live in Balance – giving and receiving equally -in every expression of our BEING.

Our first (and last, for that matter) interaction with 6-ness comes as we experience the Breath of Life – our exhale and inhale. Balance physically (health), mentally/emotionally (happiness) and spiritually (peace and harmony) is fulfilled as we BE 6.

Finally, a couple of 6 messages within our language and the English alphabet:
1. The word SICK (S=19 + I=9 + C=3 + K=11)=42 = 6 teaches us that illness can be seen as a balancing action, restoring our harmonious relationship to BREATH and LIFE. 6 IS the ‘governor of respiration’.

2. The word FOX (F=6 + 0=15 + X=24) helps us to understand our fascination with and appreciation of that ‘sly’ creature of balance and beauty: We BE that ‘sly fox’ – agile, playful and wise – when our 6s (SEL 6, 15, 24) keep us in BALANCE physically, mentally and spiritually.

Enjoy (5+14+10+25=69=15=6)

Thank you Wayne…and Philomena and Muriel, too.

This issue has several other informative articles and can be obtained at

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


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