From the Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter (SEL 6:1)

Shall we see what issue Number 9, Summer 1995 has to say about Safety Energy Lock 6?

Oh, let’s!

Again the usual suspects (Philomena Dooley, Muriel Carlton and Wayne Hackett) share their experience with this Safety Energy Lock.

Philomena: “Sel number 6 is located in the sole (or soul) of the foot. Recently we celebrated the Passover and Easter season. We saw in the scriptures that Christ washed the feet of his apostles – (their souls). We are blessed to be available to do the same for mankind.

In Jin Shin Jyutsu we say that 6 means balance and harmony. Six is the harmonizer of the 4th Depth. The foot represents 4th depth and is connecting us with the physical world. The many bones – 26 in all: 7 tarsals, 5 metatarsals and 5 each of distal and proximal, and 4 medial phalanges, form the 4 arches of the foot: (a) the internal longitudinal, (b) outer longitudinal and (c) two transverse arches. The arches are bridges and a bridge will take us from one place to another.

Symbolically six represents 4th depth, the bridge from the form to the formless, 6th depth – the totality. SEL 6 is in the 2nd depth circulation pattern. It is responsible for harmonizing the respiratory system, helps to keep mind clear and the skeletal system in balance. Holding the middle finger will help SEL 6. SEL 6 brings balance and harmony to the total being.”

Muriel: “Let us daydream upon SEL 6. Six means balance and discrimination, the opposite of fear. Be the six and your renewing, reproducing, assimilating and eliminating functions will be in harmony.

Six, Mediating Intelligence, the mind specialist, governs respiration, and is the total body balancer, the body alignment specialist. It aids chest congestion, digestive discomforts and back/hip tension/stress.

The six is the harmonizer for dizziness and helps all the toe flows.

Is six the goddess of love? Be with it, experience it and it will tell you its secrets.

Be the harmony, discrimination of the “Be-ingness” of 6 rather than the do-er who will cause fear. Be the fun, as Mary tells us, the fulfillment, understanding, No-thing, BE THE SMILE. Exhale.”

Tomorrow (or the next day or the next…) We shall see what Wayne has to say about SEL 6.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings.


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