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From the Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter (SEL 4:2)

Continuing from issue Number 7, Winter 1994/1995, our teachers are sharing their experiences of Safety Energy Lock 4:

Question: “What does an imbalanced SEL-4 look like mentally, emotionally, physically?

Philomena: “When SEL-4 is burdened, one may experience loss of consciousness. SEL-4 rules the opposite side of the body. One may experience problems with eyes, lungs, heart and legs. It is the utmost importance that the left 4 is not taut or tight – the left 4 rules the head.”

Muriel: “SEL-4-in-need-projects which might appear are: throat, sinus, insomnia, eyes, headaches, and/or leg tension. When SEL-4 begins to close up, the body is affected head to toes.”

Wayne: “When SEL-4 is out of harmony, the BEING may experience imbalance in any of our three aspects (spirit, mind and/or body). Indicators of ‘4-need’ range from any degree of emotional distress to various ‘lacks’ in mental clarity and brain function to impairment of the body’s mobility. Speech and sight (and all human senses) may degenerate due to SEL-4 being in any way limited.”

Question: “Is there a relationship between 3 and 4?”

Philomena: “3 and 4 are related as they are consecutive numbers, they are also masculine and feminine. They are responsible for the harmony of 3rd Depth as we see in the Reversing and Increasing of 3rd Depth.”

Muriel: “SEL-4 is named the window; so if the window is clean, it will allow SEL-3 (the door) to stay unjammed and to do its job of aiding inhaling and exhaling. Thereby getting rid of all projects and discomforts.”

Wayne: “The relationship between SEL-3 (the door) which brings understanding and SEL-4 (the window) which admits air (breath) and light (knowledge) is the union of spirit (Trinity) and flesh and consciousness. All that SEL-3 IS – is materialized in and through SEL-4. Together they bridge (SEL-4) the life force in UNMANifest – MANifest states of being.”

Question: “What is your interpretation of SEL-4 being called the ‘Weaving Princess’?”

Philomena: “4 is an even number, therefore feminine hence Princess. The function of SEL-4 is weaving from the invisible into the visible, the formless into the form. When the loving Weaving Princess can not do it anymore, the 4’s close down and life is over.”

Muriel: “Weaving Princess lives between SEL-4’s. As she weaves throughout the body, she is nurturing and balancing the body; thus masculine and feminine aspects are in harmony, and the abundance of the Source moves in harmony throughout the entire body.”

Wayne: “The ‘Weaving Princess’ lives in the area between the 4’s, where the Supervisors (left and right) come together. The site of their blending (the center 4) is her home. Here, she weaves the fabric of life, which simply, is the union of all aspects of the Supervisors into one ‘material’. Upon this ‘material’, we create our personal tapestry – and we call this tapestry LIFE.”

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Thank you, teachers.

I’m thinking…

…about the Tao.

Verse 3

Putting a value on status
will cause people to compete
Hoarding treasure
will turn them into thieves
Showing off possessions
will disturb their daily lives

Thus the Sage rules
by stilling minds and opening hearts
by filling bellies and strengthening bones
He shows people how to be simple
and live without desires
To be content
and not look for other ways
With the people so pure
Who could trick them?
What clever ideas could lead them astray?

When action is pure and selfless
everything settles into its own perfect place

From Page 4 of
“Lao-Tzu Translated by Jonathan Star”
ISBN 978-1-58542-618-8

“What Mary Says,…”

Disharmony is in myself.

We have to know our own limitations before we can be free from them.

All my miseries are caused by I am ignorant of myself.

Attitudes feed labels. Attitudes are food for disease.

Fears and illness arise from thoughts, words and deeds.

Core and surface are the same. The only difference is the label we put on it.

Labels are man’s security blanket.

Whatever is lacking will show up as a label. The labels are the effects. The effect represents the inheriting flow having difficulty.

When you separate the manifest from the unmanifest, disease is created.

Aging is the state of being of our circulation.

Thought is the most important factor in cure of ailments.

Stop! Listen! See Within!

What you feel is your tension.

When an attitude comes up, go into it right away.

The best way to understand why a disharmony recurs after consistent treatment is to go to the attitudes. The attitudes are at the bottom of everything.

…from page 25…

Thank you, Mary.

I’m thinking…

…about the Tao.

Verse 2

Everyone recognizes beauty
only because of ugliness
Everyone recognizes virtue
only because of sin

Life and death are born together
Difficult and easy
Long and short
High and low —
all these exist together
Sound and silence blend as one
Before and after arrive as one

The Sage acts without action
and teaches without talking
All things flourish around him
and he does not refuse any one of them
He gives but not to receive
He works but not for reward
He completes but not for results
He does nothing for himself in this passing world
so nothing he does ever passes

from Page 3 of
“Lao-Tzu Translated by Jonathan Star”
ISBN 978-1-58542-618-8

From the Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter (SEL 4:1)

Today we will take a look at the Number 7, Winter 1994/1995 issue.

The editor, Donna Bando, continues interviewing the three Jin Shin Jyutsu instructors. Notice the 3 JSJ instructors. In 1994. Now, in 2013, we have 23 instructors who travel all over the world bringing the healing Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu to people everywhere. And we will perhaps soon have a 24th instructor, Kato’s own son!

Let’s take a look at Safety Energy Lock 4.

Question: “What is the essence of Safety Energy Lock (SEL) 4?

Philomena: “SEL-4 represents the principle of creation manifesting as the 4 elements from within which all creation is the square ■. It is the bridge for the invisible into the visible, the formless into the form. The 4’s are located at the occipital protuberance. The occipital bone covers the cerebellum from which the pons and the spinal cord originate. This is where the greatest number of nerves come together. The 4 is the window from which light, which is wisdom and air, which is the breath of life, are able to come through. The 4 revitalizes all of the 144,000 functions of the body, measuring out the exhaustless energy from the Source. Mary referred to the 4 as the general manager of the catering and janitorial service. Exhaling begins at the 4’s over the head and all the way down to the 7’s (the pad of the big toe). 4 gets the spirit, mind and body in harmony.”

Muriel: “SEL 4 is the principle of creation from which all is created. It is the bridge for the movement of invisible (spirit) to visible (material), admitting knowledge and breath.”

Wayne: “Safety Energy Lock #4 came into the Universe to facilitate the materialization of the life force – the transformation of spirit into matter. ‘4’ represents the Elements from within which all matter is created. Other attributes of ‘4-ness’ are: dimension, direction and dedication.”

Question: “What are the systems that SEL-4 aids?”

Philomena: “SEL-4 is assisting all systems.”

Muriel: “SEL-4 is the warehouse of abundance, feeding all 144,000 special functions of the body. It is both the caterer and janitor for our entire ‘beingness’. It clears from head to toes and measures out to each body energy function everything it needs from the Source. On the practical level, Mary has said: ‘Vision, self-change, starts with self-study. Shallow breathing causes disharmony. Deep breathing results n a loving personality.'”

Wayne: “SEL-4 helps complete the containment of formless into form, and ultimately the creation of the skin surface, the outer covering of the body. SEL-4 sustains the entrance of consciousness into tissue. SEL-4 cooperates with Mars (vitality) and Saturn (containment) and Mercury (communication) to bring life to the body. All of the 12 organ function energies utilize ‘4-ness’ in building the body. Each of the 144,000 special body functions is made manifest through the action of 4.Because 4 is – we are spiritual beings living as physical beings.”

Question: “From pulse readings how can you tell when a 4 flow is needed?”

Philomena: “When all four index pulses are showing.”

Muriel: “Index fingers’ pulses will indicate a need in SEL-4. If both index fingers’ pulses are in need (both ascending and descending and both left and right), then do a SEL-4 flow, which will clear the whole body; then listen to pulses again.”

Wayne: “The body’s request for a 4 flow may be expressed in pulse listening when the pulses of the index fingers (both superficial and/or deep) are asking for help. Also, spleen, kidney and liver function energies (the toe flows who provide the body with ‘critical or needy’ energy) may indicate a desire of the body to BE-4.”

More tomorrow, Lord willing and the creek don’t rise!

“What Mary Says,…”

It is difficult to change the negative. Simply change focus to the positive.

Energy is enthusiasm in motion.

Laughter is like jogging on the innards.

Laughter has no foreign accent.

It takes seven muscles to smile and 50 to frown.

Every cell within us thinks.

There are 27,000 billion cells in the body.

There are 144,000 functions in the body.

There are 14,400 functions in each finger.

At the heart of us exists a silent pulse of perfect rhythm.

Whatever our imperfections, there exists a silent pulse of perfect rhythm.

The pulses will whisper their secrets to the extent we are prepared to listen.

Listen only to harmony.

We are not psychic. We are just listening and hearing.

Listening to the pulses is to find the harmonizer not the culprit.

Go to the order and not to the dirty dishes.

Pulses which feel like silk indicate that all is in harmony.

Universal Life Pulse is the relationship of the body to its environment.

Diagnosing becomes too intellectual.

Understanding of pulses: bustline, waistline, hipline.

…pages 20 & 21…

Mary always says, Be The Smile.

If I’m going to keep 27,000 billion cells (give or take a few) happy, I’d best start smiling right away!

Thank you, Mary.

I’m thinking…

…about the Tao.

So beautiful.

Verse 1

A way that can be walked
is not The Way
A name that can be named
is not The Name

Tao is both Named and Nameless
As Nameless, it is the origin of all things
As Named, it is the mother of all things

A mind free of thought,
merged within itself,
beholds the essence of Tao
A mind filled with thought,
identified with its own perceptions,
beholds the mere forms of this world

Tao and this world seem different
but in truth they are one and the same
The only difference is in what we call them

How deep and mysterious is this unity
How profound, how great!
It is the truth beyond the truth,
the hidden within the hidden
It is the path to all wonder,
the gate to the essence of everything!

from Page 1 of
“Lao-Tzu Translated by Jonathan Star”
ISBN 978-1-58542-618-8

From the Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter (SEL 3:3)

Today we will finish reading about Safety Energy Lock 3.

Question: “What is the relationship of SEL-3 and the Main Central Vertical Flow?”

Philomena: “SEL-3 is located on the Supervisory Flow between thoracic vertebra #3 and the medial corner of the scapula or shoulder blade. Each thumb and finger is related to the Respiratory System. The middle finger helps to harmonize the lungs on the MC level at thoracic vertebra #3 as we see on Page 38, Text 1.”

Muriel: “It is part of the blueprint, where the Mediator Flow is born.”

Wayne: “Within the Main Central Vertical Flow, SEL-3 balances Breath Essence. It allows unique and individual expression to unfold and develop. We become a microcosm of the Macrocosm; the Sixth Depth reflection of Perfect Creation, the Dot, the Eighth Depth. SEL-3 paves the way as Life enters flesh.”

Question: “What is the relationship of SEL-3 and SEL-23?”

Philomena: “SEL-3 is located at the top of the lung, and SEL-23 is at the bottom of the lung. Worry (1st Depth) and fear (4th Depth) will burden our Respiratory System.”

Muriel: “Both are very important to the Immune System and both are very important to the development and maintenance of the Five Pointed Star (the body).”

Wayne: “The harmonious blending of the Breath of Life and flesh is, in large part, possible because SEL-3 is. SEL-23, controller of destiny and bridge for manifest/unmanifest man, relies upon a balanced Breath-Man relationship in fulfilling Creation’s intention for every being. SEL-3 and SEL-23 are inextricably joined through their common goal: the expression of spirit as flesh where life can be the fulfillment of Destiny’s Desire – the growth of humanity into Nine-ness.

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Wayne finished up the article with this: “SEL-3 is a magical friend. His/Her presence in our being promotes the release of infection, fever and respiratory difficulty. The Immune System is vital and healthy when SEL-3, the ‘natural antibiotic’, is fully present. Unhappiness and emotional upset disappear as SEL-3 balances, harmonizes and mediates ‘giving/receiving’ in every relationship with life. SEL-3 is ‘the door’ through which Life enters the body (spirit becomes flesh). Be-Cause Three Is.

Thank you, teachers.

“What Mary Says,…”

Anger. I am not getting my way. Control is my attempt to make the world align with my desires. To go beyond that control is to align myself with the universe.

Anger is destructive thought that separates the body from the soul.

There are no victims only volunteers.

Let go of anger, let go of pride. When bound by nothing you go beyond sorrow.

Disappointments are realities. Discouragements are my reactions.

The more complex, the more fear involved.

My destiny is in my own hands.

My thoughts and my feelings create my destiny.

Be patient towards all that is unsolved in your heart.

How poor are they who have no patience.

Some words from Mary’s sources:

Unlearn the wisdom of the world. It deals with illusions, not reality. – Emerson

I the imperfect, adore my own perfection. – Emerson

The service we render others is really the rent we pay for our room on earth. – Wilfred Grenfell

Half the failures in life arise from pulling in one’s horse as he is leaping. – Julius Charles hare and Augustus William Hare.

When they pitch ’em, I hit ’em, when they hit ’em I catch ’em. Essence of Zen; – Willy Mays

…from pages 19 & 33…

Thank you, Mary…and friends…

From the Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter(SEL 3:2)

Continuing from the Number 4, Fall 1994 issue concerning Safety Energy Lock 3, Donna asks the question, “What does an imbalanced SEL-3 look like – mentally-emotionally-physically?”

Philomena: “When SEL-3 is not in harmony a person may appear uncomfortable: breathing may be uneasy. As for posture, the upper back may be full and tight. They may appear sad. Symptoms of overload of SEL-3 are lung swell, pleurisy, liquid effusion, prickling pain in chest, between-ribs discomfort, as well as under-arm swelling or perspiring frequently, continually or profusely. A person may be nervous or fidgety, showing signs of breathing difficulty, coughing, producing excess mucus, allergies, asthma, cold-fevers. The pulse may be rapid and thready – heard on the same or opposite side.”

Muriel: “Imbalanced SEL-3 looks like: allergies, emotional nature is not in balance (violent outburst or just very angry). The body can look very emaciated. The pulse would be found on left wrist, middle finger (in some cases on the same side and in other cases on the opposite side).”

Wayne: “When SEL-3 is imbalanced, the Being becomes unhappy and fatigued, leaving the body vulnerable to illness and destruction. The degeneration of Man – what the world calls aging – is the manifestation of an impaired SEL-3. SEL-3 plays a vital role in the proper functioning of Man’s bustline, where awakening to Life begins. Without the gifts of SEL-3, the heart center, the spirit of Beingness, would be Lifeless. When listening to the pulse, the disharmony of the index finger pulse (left and/or right – surface and/or deep) may indicate the SEL-3 is inhibited in providing the body with Abundant Breath. This ‘diminished’ state of being sources the attitudes of lack and limitation (Fear) and is the precursor to All of man’s misery.”

Question: “What is the relationship of SEL-3 with the Fatigue Flow?”

Philomena: “The Fatigue Flow or Fatigue Adjustment Flow is composed of a combination of the MCV, Left & Right Supervisory and the Mediator Energy. It may be used to help strengthen a weakened lymphatic flow of which SEL-3 is the key or the focal area. Worry will affect SEL-3.”

Muriel: “Fatigue; SEL-3 is the lock being cleaned by the rest of the flow route, helping fatigue level, thus helping man’s emotional nature (3-Trinity).”

Wayne: “A primary intention, or focus, of the Fatigue Adjustment Flow (Trinity) is the upliftment and support of SEL-3. Each of the seventeen simple, dynamic steps of the Trinity Flow promotes freedom from attitude-the source of fatigue. Longevity, health and happiness are the benefits of a fully nourished SEL-3.”

Thank you all.

Let’s finish learning about SEL-3 tomorrow.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings