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I’m thinking…

…about digressing from our previous day’s post to share some other thoughts.

I’m thinking that living life on life’s terms can be challenging. Sometimes it feels like giving up. Sometimes it feels like running away to hide. Those feelings usually mean I’m all about self-centered fear. My negative characteristics are fear-based. I’m afraid I’ll lose something I have or not get something I want. That is the spiritually lesser me. In this place I have no peace, no serenity and am likely to actually get physically sick or even trip ‘n fall ‘n break a leg…OFF Broadway!

The spiritually higher me has learned that life is not about me at all! It is about love and service. It is building good character traits and emulating people like Ghandi, Mandela, Jesus Christ, Mother Teresa…not perfect, but having achieved a higher spiritual plane than myself. So far.

I used to have a high-power job for a Fortune 100 company…made a lot of money…bought a lot of “toys”. But I wasn’t happy, peace-filled or serene. It took a few major hits to my health, pride and pocketbook before I got the “aha!” moment.

I chose to give most superfluous belongings away and to live simply. Instead I found a path that would enable me to really help people, animals, why even the very earth I walk on! Mostly through my discovery of Jin Shin Jyutsu. You know that old saying, “Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day; teach him how to fish and he will be able to feed himself forever”?

That’s what Jin Shin Jyutsu is all about. First I learn to take responsibility for my own health and well-being and then I learn to teach others. Now they have the option to take care of themselves and to share their knowledge with others, too.

I know other ways to help others. I also practice Reiki but prefer teaching Jin Shin Jyutsu. I am an ordained minister with years of lay-training to help and comfort others in their time of need. I have adopted abused dogs/cats (one at a time) for many years because I am responsible to assist lesser life forms…though I have often wondered if the plant/animal kingdoms are indeed lesser life forms. Sometimes I consider certain rocks to be more highly evolved than me! Even a rock can help bring healing to human BE-ings. My home was once like a rain-forest with plants and small trees. I nurtured and loved and received their oxygen to help me breathe. I eventually had to find them all good homes or be driven out of my own! Smile.

Strangers are a great blessing. An old woman sat beside me this afternoon. She was reading something out loud that touched her deeply and she began to cry and could not speak. I put my hand on her back. She recovered herself, finished what she was saying and turned to look me in the eye and thank me.

An unknown child in the grocery store caught my eye across the full width of the store, extended her arms and RAN to me, throwing her arms around my legs and hugging me. She was about 5 years old. Never saw her before or since. A young man, very preppy, in his 20’s stopped me on the sidewalk when I was walking my little dog, Eliza Dolittle, and said, “You look like someone I can talk to. Will you pray for me?” No collar to identify me as the ‘churchy’ type (because I’m not), just a baseball cap and some old jeans/sneakers. I took his hands and prayed with him for just a moment. I never saw him before nor have I seen him since. These “miracles” often happen to me. I don’t know why. It is a privilege just to be available to touch, hug, or sigh with someone in distress.

These are the things in life that matter as I travel my spiritual road to fulfill my purpose and the plan for my life created by ??? Universal Energy? God? Karma? Don’t know. Don’t need to know. Something/someone bigger than me. It is my pleasure to help others along the way.

Every day I enjoy peace, serenity, happiness and freedom from self.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

From the Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter (SEL 5:2)

Yesterday we read about Philomena’s experience with Safety Energy Lock 5. Here is what Muriel’s experience is:

Muriel: “SEL 5 came into the universe signifying regeneration – ‘putting off the old and putting on the new’. It is radical intelligence, red/orange, C-sharp, and Mercury.
It is a mind specialist.
It erases FEAR – False Evidence appearing Real. It is to discover, to Know Myself It Is. Pythagoras states that five is the number of final healing (four elements plus spirit).
Five is a SEL, which, when in harmony, brings ‘joyful sleep’. Each of us is a five-pointed star: we have five lumbars.
Observe how often SEL 5 is used in our routines (and perhaps you may wish to daydream on this a bit, too).
It helps us adapt to natural conditions and to be liberated from bondage, physical and spiritual in tandem.
Interesting, isn’t it, that 5 is the SEL born within the supervisor flow beginning the second depth, which harmonizes Spirit, Mind, Body? The first step of the 5/6/7/8 flow begins with 5 and 15 (first and last SELs born in second depth).
As you muse upon SEL 5, hold your index finger. The harmonizing of 5 will be of aid in cases of:
*Chest congestion (full, swollen)
*Digestion discomfort
*Back and hip tension/stress
*Hearing discomfort
*Dry mouth and throat
*Urinary incontinence
*Swollen heels
*Pain stoppage or deficient menstruation
*Fears, such as stage fright, inferiority complex or retiring nature
In conjunction, toe flows are aids for:
*Reproductive problems
*Prostate projects in general
Also, the 5 connects us to the sixth depth and the first depth.
Open your heart and mind to the wondrous secrets of SEL 5!”

Thank you, Muriel.

Tomorrow we will read about Wayne’s experience with SEL 5.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

“What Mary Says,…”

Man’s mind cannot alter principles.

Being trapped is safe and secure.

As a man thinketh, so will he act.

If thoughts are lifted up, the whole organism changes.

Attitudes support illusion of separateness.

Attitudes are my creation and not Thy creation.

There is nothing good or bad out there. There is nothing right or wrong out there.

A breakthrough is to go beyond limits. Limits are imposed by ourselves.

What if yesterday was difficult: let it go and get rid of garbage bags.

One need not try to destroy one’s faults. Simply change focus.

Keep your shoulders down and you can’t catch anything.

Change “I can’t” to “I won’t” and hold your index finger.

Say, “That is pretty good” instead of “That is not bad”.

Be the awareness or understanding of myself until I become my own physician.

Self-change starts with self-study.

…from pages 14 & 15…

Thank you, Mary.

I’m thinking…

…about today’s SEL-5 post on the Jin Shin Jyutsu category. In the same issue, Louanne Ellis shares her “Thoughts on Number 5”. Now I will share with you!

The familiar figure drawn by Leonardo da Vinci of a perfectly proportioned man within a circle, suggesting a star, is a classic representation of five as the number of man. Unlike the animals which commonly have four feet on the ground, man is upright with his head as the crown of the star, symbolizing consciousness. Geometrically, five is the pyramid and signifies elevation above the material and biological plane (numbers one through four). It symbolizes consciousness transcending the four elements, four corners, four seasons and four directions. Man is distinguished from the animal kingdom by his self-consciousness or awareness, giving him the capacity to adapt. Man, through his consciousness, is able to modify his environment, creatively manipulating materials to meet his needs. Paul Case, in his book “the Tarot”, expresses the opinion that adaptation is the meaning of number 5. I think, underlying the concept of adaptation, that number five means the development of consciousness, most specifically the mind, and the potential for transcendence.
Five is the first safety energy lock in the second depth. the first depth corresponds to the element earth, and the four safety energy locks represent the four elements and the building blocks for the manifestation of life. The second depth is ruled by Air, which represents the mind, the intellect and communication. Five, the first safety energy lock on the second depth, is the beginning of this process of self-awareness. The results of this process are keyed into the nature of two, whose name is Wisdom on the Tree of Life. (The Tree of Life is the diagram that contains the symbols and keys to Jewish mysticism, Qabalistic philosophy and the Tarot, which are the sources of the numerical references to colors, planets, musical notes, signs, etc.)
The beginning of wisdom and self-consciousness is shown in Biblical metaphor when Eve eats from the Tree of Knowledge, resulting in the expulsion of man from the Garden of Eden. With self-awareness and self-consciousness comes the realization of “mortality” that I believe is the basis for fear, which Mary associated with SEL-5. Spiritual growth and the development of consciousness is usually a painful process. Severity is the name of the first essence of number five on the Tree of Life.

This is quite a bit to ponder.

I’ll share the remainder of the article tomorrow.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

From the Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter (SEL 5:1)

Issue Number 8, Spring 1995 brings us the experiences of Safety Energy Lock 5 in an interview with Philomena Dooley, Muriel Carlton and Wayne Hackett, the three Jin Shin Jyutsu senior instructors. Note the word “senior”. This issue also introduces 5 new instructors in the history of Jin Shin Jyutsu: Susan Brooks, Lynne Pflueger, Waltraud Riegger-Krause, Matthias Roth and Jed Schwartz. A mere 18 years ago, there were only 8 Jin Shin Jyutsu Instructors who carried this wonderful healing Art to the world!

Philomena: “In the preceding issues of the Main Central we talked about SEL’s 1,2,3 and 4, all included in the 1st Depth energy, descending the front and ascending the back, building the material body. Now we are commencing with the 2nd Depth circulation pattern – the building of the mind, consciousness. The element is air. SEL-5, as we know, is located at the medial aspect of the ankle, the lower part of the Achilles tendon (a very vulnerable spot).
We are told that 5 represents man: above the waist is heaven; below the waist is earth and man is in the middle – waistline. Interestingly enough, SEL-14 and SEL-23 represent waistline, each adding to 5. In the building of man we have the 5-pointed star – the order of Creation, our 5 senses, 5 elements, 5 lumbar vertebrae for the support of man.
the Pyramid or the Pentagon is the symbol of man (interesting-Pentagon-Defense-Power of Judgment). Number 5 corresponds with Radical Intelligence, the color: orange red, musical note C♯D♭, harmonized by the index finger.
Sel-5 is the final symbol of healing. SEL-5 represents 1st Depth skin surface, man, the microcosm, man rising through the 5 senses level-attainment. SEL-5 represents 6th Depth. The capital B for Breath of life is in totality, the macrocosm, also man having risen through the 5 senses level. 5 represents ignorance, fear “False Evidence Appearing Real”. The secret of number 5 is to free us from our fears so that we can understand and overcome our bondages, to let us become free.
SEL-5 is very important for the proper functioning of the toe flows, for the regeneration of energy. SEL-5 is to erase all fears. When used in conjunction with SEL-15 we replace the fears with joy, laughter and happiness. Pain or discomfort in the 5 area can be helped by holding the ring finger. It will harmonize the 4th lumbar vertebra which may be the cause of the disharmony as we can see on page 40, Text 1, harmonizing brain-spinal energy for muscle tension/stress.”

Tomorrow we shall see what Muriel experienced.

Thank you, Philomena.

“What Mary Says,…”

Pulses are the whisperings of the future.

Pulses reveal a definite abnormality before any signs of disharmony appear.

The rhythm of the pulses changes the bodily structure and function.

By knowing the order of Creation, you can go to the source of disharmony.

Wherever your awareness, utilize it.

Look until you can HEAR. Listen until you can SEE.

The pulses are the story of the inheriting flows.

God is in my fingers.

I will give you the keys to the heaven within.

Know our 26 friends are here to help us remove illusions.

1-26 is a precious tool box.

Know the Main Central and you will know the story of the universe.

…from pages 18 & 22…

Thank you, Mary.

From the Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter (SEL 4:2)

Continuing from issue Number 7, Winter 1994/1995, our teachers are sharing their experiences of Safety Energy Lock 4:

Question: “What does an imbalanced SEL-4 look like mentally, emotionally, physically?

Philomena: “When SEL-4 is burdened, one may experience loss of consciousness. SEL-4 rules the opposite side of the body. One may experience problems with eyes, lungs, heart and legs. It is the utmost importance that the left 4 is not taut or tight – the left 4 rules the head.”

Muriel: “SEL-4-in-need-projects which might appear are: throat, sinus, insomnia, eyes, headaches, and/or leg tension. When SEL-4 begins to close up, the body is affected head to toes.”

Wayne: “When SEL-4 is out of harmony, the BEING may experience imbalance in any of our three aspects (spirit, mind and/or body). Indicators of ‘4-need’ range from any degree of emotional distress to various ‘lacks’ in mental clarity and brain function to impairment of the body’s mobility. Speech and sight (and all human senses) may degenerate due to SEL-4 being in any way limited.”

Question: “Is there a relationship between 3 and 4?”

Philomena: “3 and 4 are related as they are consecutive numbers, they are also masculine and feminine. They are responsible for the harmony of 3rd Depth as we see in the Reversing and Increasing of 3rd Depth.”

Muriel: “SEL-4 is named the window; so if the window is clean, it will allow SEL-3 (the door) to stay unjammed and to do its job of aiding inhaling and exhaling. Thereby getting rid of all projects and discomforts.”

Wayne: “The relationship between SEL-3 (the door) which brings understanding and SEL-4 (the window) which admits air (breath) and light (knowledge) is the union of spirit (Trinity) and flesh and consciousness. All that SEL-3 IS – is materialized in and through SEL-4. Together they bridge (SEL-4) the life force in UNMANifest – MANifest states of being.”

Question: “What is your interpretation of SEL-4 being called the ‘Weaving Princess’?”

Philomena: “4 is an even number, therefore feminine hence Princess. The function of SEL-4 is weaving from the invisible into the visible, the formless into the form. When the loving Weaving Princess can not do it anymore, the 4’s close down and life is over.”

Muriel: “Weaving Princess lives between SEL-4’s. As she weaves throughout the body, she is nurturing and balancing the body; thus masculine and feminine aspects are in harmony, and the abundance of the Source moves in harmony throughout the entire body.”

Wayne: “The ‘Weaving Princess’ lives in the area between the 4’s, where the Supervisors (left and right) come together. The site of their blending (the center 4) is her home. Here, she weaves the fabric of life, which simply, is the union of all aspects of the Supervisors into one ‘material’. Upon this ‘material’, we create our personal tapestry – and we call this tapestry LIFE.”

For the full text, you may purchase this issue at

Thank you, teachers.