I’m thinking…

…that I am remiss in forgetting to thank those of you who let me know that PBS was broadcasting “The Buddha” on July 25th.

Thank you.

I did watch it.

I’ve seen a couple of other programs featuring the Buddha and all were enlightening and I really enjoyed them. While I don’t necessarily approve of him leaving his wife and son to pursue his spiritual journey; perhaps he knew no better. He was what we might refer to today as a spoiled brat…on the outside at any rate. Am I judging? I mean only to observe.

I actually identify with his passion and singleness of purpose. I tend to live my life just like that. I think that 1 grain of rice per day is more than I could accomplish, but I do get it.

History tells us that he taught what he learned, but I’m not so sure. Could be, but I think he might have shared what he learned. There is a great difference. I like to share my experience, strength and hope with others in the hope that it will bring comfort or at least tickle the subconscious into conscious thought. But I love to teach Jin Shin Jyutsu Self-Help.

Speaking of which, today is the last day to enroll in the August Class at the Early Bird rate:

Living the Art Seminar – Montclair, NJ
Jin Shin Jyutsu – Now Know Myself

Jin Shin Jyutsu is an innate part of man’s wisdom
Your personal harmony of body, mind and spirit rests in your own hands!
Learn about this 5,000 year old Healing Art; its history, origin and application

Offered each quarter and limited to 7 students, this 20 hour class begins Friday evening and includes all day Saturday and Sunday.
(Hours are 6 PM to 9 PM on Fridays, 9 AM to 6 PM Saturdays and Sundays)
Classes are held at the Montclair location

Topics covered are:
Self-Help Books I, II and II
Fun With Happy Hands
Jin Shin Jyutsu For Your Animal Companion

The above five textbooks must be purchased before the class begins.
Some are available at Amazon.com, all are available on line at http://www.jsjinc.net bookstore

Non-refundable Deposit: $50
New student: $450/EB $405
Review student: $290/EB $260

CHECKS PAYABLE TO Jin Shin Jyutsu Is New Jersey

August 16-18, 2013 (Friday-Sunday)
Presented by Deborah Beaton
Phone: 973-783-3139
Email: deborahb13@verizon.net
11 Seymour Street, #20
Montclair, NJ 07042
Website: http://www.jsjisnj.abmp.com
Blog: http://www.jinshinjyutsuisnj.net

Jin Shin Jyutsu is intended to complement, not replace, the advice of your own physician or other healthcare professional


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