Jin Shin Jyutsu ~ Teeth

Putting aside the Safety Energy Locks experiences from the Main Central JSJ Newsletter for a bit,
I was happily surprised to find out that Jin Shin Jyutsu can help with our teeth!

Since there are relationships between fingers/toes/body organs/quantum physics/attitudes/astronomy/energy depths/numerology/et cetera, et cetera (as the King said) why would I be surprised to learn there are relationships between each of our 32 (present or missing) teeth as well?

I dunno. But I was.

My now-removed-molars (because my mouth was too SMALL?) once had the following relationships.

Molars number 1, upper right, and 32, lower right, as well as upper left 16 and lower left 17 all have relationship with my heart, small intestine – therefore 5th Depth – duodenum, shoulder and elbow. Hmmm. I’ve experienced Meckel’s Diverticulitis with surgical removal of gangrenous intestine, burst bursa on my right elbow and bone chips from the head of my right humerus (not too funny) along with rotator cuff tear all with surgical correction. I also have generational 5th depth issues manifested by birth defects on both little fingers. Hmmm.

All 4 molars were removed because they were “impacted” before the age of 16. I wonder. I do know that energetically they are still there, just not manifested. As when we work with an amputee who has pain in a missing limb. The body/blueprint remembers and if there is no great toe to hold (SEL 7), I will hold where it ought to be and the client gets immediate relief…even if their eyes are closed.

Now, what the heck does that mean?

As Wayne Hackett advised me, “Just hold your little finger.”

I can do that.

My body is AMAZING.
Jin Shin Jyutsu is AMAZING.


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