From the Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter (SEL 5:1)

Issue Number 8, Spring 1995 brings us the experiences of Safety Energy Lock 5 in an interview with Philomena Dooley, Muriel Carlton and Wayne Hackett, the three Jin Shin Jyutsu senior instructors. Note the word “senior”. This issue also introduces 5 new instructors in the history of Jin Shin Jyutsu: Susan Brooks, Lynne Pflueger, Waltraud Riegger-Krause, Matthias Roth and Jed Schwartz. A mere 18 years ago, there were only 8 Jin Shin Jyutsu Instructors who carried this wonderful healing Art to the world!

Philomena: “In the preceding issues of the Main Central we talked about SEL’s 1,2,3 and 4, all included in the 1st Depth energy, descending the front and ascending the back, building the material body. Now we are commencing with the 2nd Depth circulation pattern – the building of the mind, consciousness. The element is air. SEL-5, as we know, is located at the medial aspect of the ankle, the lower part of the Achilles tendon (a very vulnerable spot).
We are told that 5 represents man: above the waist is heaven; below the waist is earth and man is in the middle – waistline. Interestingly enough, SEL-14 and SEL-23 represent waistline, each adding to 5. In the building of man we have the 5-pointed star – the order of Creation, our 5 senses, 5 elements, 5 lumbar vertebrae for the support of man.
the Pyramid or the Pentagon is the symbol of man (interesting-Pentagon-Defense-Power of Judgment). Number 5 corresponds with Radical Intelligence, the color: orange red, musical note C♯D♭, harmonized by the index finger.
Sel-5 is the final symbol of healing. SEL-5 represents 1st Depth skin surface, man, the microcosm, man rising through the 5 senses level-attainment. SEL-5 represents 6th Depth. The capital B for Breath of life is in totality, the macrocosm, also man having risen through the 5 senses level. 5 represents ignorance, fear “False Evidence Appearing Real”. The secret of number 5 is to free us from our fears so that we can understand and overcome our bondages, to let us become free.
SEL-5 is very important for the proper functioning of the toe flows, for the regeneration of energy. SEL-5 is to erase all fears. When used in conjunction with SEL-15 we replace the fears with joy, laughter and happiness. Pain or discomfort in the 5 area can be helped by holding the ring finger. It will harmonize the 4th lumbar vertebra which may be the cause of the disharmony as we can see on page 40, Text 1, harmonizing brain-spinal energy for muscle tension/stress.”

Tomorrow we shall see what Muriel experienced.

Thank you, Philomena.


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