From the Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter (SEL 4:2)

Continuing from issue Number 7, Winter 1994/1995, our teachers are sharing their experiences of Safety Energy Lock 4:

Question: “What does an imbalanced SEL-4 look like mentally, emotionally, physically?

Philomena: “When SEL-4 is burdened, one may experience loss of consciousness. SEL-4 rules the opposite side of the body. One may experience problems with eyes, lungs, heart and legs. It is the utmost importance that the left 4 is not taut or tight – the left 4 rules the head.”

Muriel: “SEL-4-in-need-projects which might appear are: throat, sinus, insomnia, eyes, headaches, and/or leg tension. When SEL-4 begins to close up, the body is affected head to toes.”

Wayne: “When SEL-4 is out of harmony, the BEING may experience imbalance in any of our three aspects (spirit, mind and/or body). Indicators of ‘4-need’ range from any degree of emotional distress to various ‘lacks’ in mental clarity and brain function to impairment of the body’s mobility. Speech and sight (and all human senses) may degenerate due to SEL-4 being in any way limited.”

Question: “Is there a relationship between 3 and 4?”

Philomena: “3 and 4 are related as they are consecutive numbers, they are also masculine and feminine. They are responsible for the harmony of 3rd Depth as we see in the Reversing and Increasing of 3rd Depth.”

Muriel: “SEL-4 is named the window; so if the window is clean, it will allow SEL-3 (the door) to stay unjammed and to do its job of aiding inhaling and exhaling. Thereby getting rid of all projects and discomforts.”

Wayne: “The relationship between SEL-3 (the door) which brings understanding and SEL-4 (the window) which admits air (breath) and light (knowledge) is the union of spirit (Trinity) and flesh and consciousness. All that SEL-3 IS – is materialized in and through SEL-4. Together they bridge (SEL-4) the life force in UNMANifest – MANifest states of being.”

Question: “What is your interpretation of SEL-4 being called the ‘Weaving Princess’?”

Philomena: “4 is an even number, therefore feminine hence Princess. The function of SEL-4 is weaving from the invisible into the visible, the formless into the form. When the loving Weaving Princess can not do it anymore, the 4’s close down and life is over.”

Muriel: “Weaving Princess lives between SEL-4’s. As she weaves throughout the body, she is nurturing and balancing the body; thus masculine and feminine aspects are in harmony, and the abundance of the Source moves in harmony throughout the entire body.”

Wayne: “The ‘Weaving Princess’ lives in the area between the 4’s, where the Supervisors (left and right) come together. The site of their blending (the center 4) is her home. Here, she weaves the fabric of life, which simply, is the union of all aspects of the Supervisors into one ‘material’. Upon this ‘material’, we create our personal tapestry – and we call this tapestry LIFE.”

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Thank you, teachers.


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