From the Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter (SEL 4:1)

Today we will take a look at the Number 7, Winter 1994/1995 issue.

The editor, Donna Bando, continues interviewing the three Jin Shin Jyutsu instructors. Notice the 3 JSJ instructors. In 1994. Now, in 2013, we have 23 instructors who travel all over the world bringing the healing Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu to people everywhere. And we will perhaps soon have a 24th instructor, Kato’s own son!

Let’s take a look at Safety Energy Lock 4.

Question: “What is the essence of Safety Energy Lock (SEL) 4?

Philomena: “SEL-4 represents the principle of creation manifesting as the 4 elements from within which all creation is the square ■. It is the bridge for the invisible into the visible, the formless into the form. The 4’s are located at the occipital protuberance. The occipital bone covers the cerebellum from which the pons and the spinal cord originate. This is where the greatest number of nerves come together. The 4 is the window from which light, which is wisdom and air, which is the breath of life, are able to come through. The 4 revitalizes all of the 144,000 functions of the body, measuring out the exhaustless energy from the Source. Mary referred to the 4 as the general manager of the catering and janitorial service. Exhaling begins at the 4’s over the head and all the way down to the 7’s (the pad of the big toe). 4 gets the spirit, mind and body in harmony.”

Muriel: “SEL 4 is the principle of creation from which all is created. It is the bridge for the movement of invisible (spirit) to visible (material), admitting knowledge and breath.”

Wayne: “Safety Energy Lock #4 came into the Universe to facilitate the materialization of the life force – the transformation of spirit into matter. ‘4’ represents the Elements from within which all matter is created. Other attributes of ‘4-ness’ are: dimension, direction and dedication.”

Question: “What are the systems that SEL-4 aids?”

Philomena: “SEL-4 is assisting all systems.”

Muriel: “SEL-4 is the warehouse of abundance, feeding all 144,000 special functions of the body. It is both the caterer and janitor for our entire ‘beingness’. It clears from head to toes and measures out to each body energy function everything it needs from the Source. On the practical level, Mary has said: ‘Vision, self-change, starts with self-study. Shallow breathing causes disharmony. Deep breathing results n a loving personality.'”

Wayne: “SEL-4 helps complete the containment of formless into form, and ultimately the creation of the skin surface, the outer covering of the body. SEL-4 sustains the entrance of consciousness into tissue. SEL-4 cooperates with Mars (vitality) and Saturn (containment) and Mercury (communication) to bring life to the body. All of the 12 organ function energies utilize ‘4-ness’ in building the body. Each of the 144,000 special body functions is made manifest through the action of 4.Because 4 is – we are spiritual beings living as physical beings.”

Question: “From pulse readings how can you tell when a 4 flow is needed?”

Philomena: “When all four index pulses are showing.”

Muriel: “Index fingers’ pulses will indicate a need in SEL-4. If both index fingers’ pulses are in need (both ascending and descending and both left and right), then do a SEL-4 flow, which will clear the whole body; then listen to pulses again.”

Wayne: “The body’s request for a 4 flow may be expressed in pulse listening when the pulses of the index fingers (both superficial and/or deep) are asking for help. Also, spleen, kidney and liver function energies (the toe flows who provide the body with ‘critical or needy’ energy) may indicate a desire of the body to BE-4.”

More tomorrow, Lord willing and the creek don’t rise!


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