From the Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter (SEL 3:3)

Today we will finish reading about Safety Energy Lock 3.

Question: “What is the relationship of SEL-3 and the Main Central Vertical Flow?”

Philomena: “SEL-3 is located on the Supervisory Flow between thoracic vertebra #3 and the medial corner of the scapula or shoulder blade. Each thumb and finger is related to the Respiratory System. The middle finger helps to harmonize the lungs on the MC level at thoracic vertebra #3 as we see on Page 38, Text 1.”

Muriel: “It is part of the blueprint, where the Mediator Flow is born.”

Wayne: “Within the Main Central Vertical Flow, SEL-3 balances Breath Essence. It allows unique and individual expression to unfold and develop. We become a microcosm of the Macrocosm; the Sixth Depth reflection of Perfect Creation, the Dot, the Eighth Depth. SEL-3 paves the way as Life enters flesh.”

Question: “What is the relationship of SEL-3 and SEL-23?”

Philomena: “SEL-3 is located at the top of the lung, and SEL-23 is at the bottom of the lung. Worry (1st Depth) and fear (4th Depth) will burden our Respiratory System.”

Muriel: “Both are very important to the Immune System and both are very important to the development and maintenance of the Five Pointed Star (the body).”

Wayne: “The harmonious blending of the Breath of Life and flesh is, in large part, possible because SEL-3 is. SEL-23, controller of destiny and bridge for manifest/unmanifest man, relies upon a balanced Breath-Man relationship in fulfilling Creation’s intention for every being. SEL-3 and SEL-23 are inextricably joined through their common goal: the expression of spirit as flesh where life can be the fulfillment of Destiny’s Desire – the growth of humanity into Nine-ness.

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Wayne finished up the article with this: “SEL-3 is a magical friend. His/Her presence in our being promotes the release of infection, fever and respiratory difficulty. The Immune System is vital and healthy when SEL-3, the ‘natural antibiotic’, is fully present. Unhappiness and emotional upset disappear as SEL-3 balances, harmonizes and mediates ‘giving/receiving’ in every relationship with life. SEL-3 is ‘the door’ through which Life enters the body (spirit becomes flesh). Be-Cause Three Is.

Thank you, teachers.


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